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Everyday gourmet life, Gourmet

‘Gourmet’ refers to a foodie, epicure or gastronome, who eats food with their interests and highly sensitive taste.
CJ Gourmet provides a special experience of gourmandise.

We provide new Gourmet experience with Chef’s know-how and recipes from all over the world

An increasing number of people feel the happiness from serving well-prepared, delicious meal even if it’s just a quick meal.
Gourmet was born for these people.

Enjoy chef’s dish at home

Gourmet enables even busy people or those who are not good at cooking to enjoy such delicacies at any time they want.

Gourmet will fill your daily life with the joy of delicious food

From fine hamburger steaks on a couple’s dining table to pizzas that kids want to eat every day, or even noodles you can enjoy alone at home just as if you were in a nice restaurant!

One plate dish

The featured entree of the chef you can enjoy at home


Gourmet snacks that are made more delicious through the chef’s recipe


A perfect meal made with fresh garnish and chef’s sauce


Gourmet conveys
uplifting moments of gourmandise

The illustration of true gourmet’s table, embodies the pleasure of gourmandise delivered by the chef so that you can enjoy the taste and atmosphere of the restaurant at home.


Gourmet Chinese cuisine

Gourmet Chinese cuisine

Gourmet Chinese cuisine

Gourmet Pizza

Gourmet Chinese cuisine

Gourmet Fried chicken

Gourmet Corn dog

Gourmet Corn dog

Gourmet Bakery

Gourmet Bakery

Gourmet katsu&Burger steak

Gourmet katsu&Burger steak