Korea Food Research - CJ CheilJedang
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Food Research Institute

The Food Research Institute is developing robust products and notable brands and
is leading the globalization of Korean food with its super-advanced technology

Leading the globalization of K-Food with
differentiated food processing technology

Riding the wave of food culture
trends with ONLYONE products

Our Food Research Institute was formed in 1978 and is now home to the best researchers in Korea and advanced equipment.
It features an organic system that encompasses both research and commercialization, and is instrumental in nurturing a new culture with new ONLYONE products.

Propelling the global spread of K-Food through core technologies

In an effort to promote Korean food on a global scale using new technologies boasting global competitiveness, we are now making bold forays into overseas markets by establishing localized production bases and increasing subsidiaries.

Core technology

  • Health and convenience food processing technology
  • Korean food presentation technology
  • Future food development resources
  • Food material development