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Based on the superior capabilities at Green BIO, we are building a portfolio of the entire BIO company for the future by expanding into White BIO, Red BIO, and new business fields.

Mission and vision of CJ BIO


With cutting-edge BioTech OnlyOne Passion, we make our Earth a promising and sustainable place


BIO Unlocking
infinite possibilities


CJ BIO has established itself as the world’s best BIO company through 60 years of experience. While providing the best products and sustainable solutions, CJ BIO has showed its microbial fermentation capabilities and cutting-edge technology integrated into eco-friendly methods.

A global company leading the future of biotechnology using the top-tier technology

By supplying one of the world’s eight best fermented amino acids for feed and high-quality protein sources, we provide eco-friendly Green BIO solutions and make contributions to create a sustainable environment.

Based on these superior capabilities, we are not only dedicated to the development of eco-friendly marine biodegradable plastics, but also focused on strengthening our competitiveness in the wellness industry as we strive to become the No.1 global microbiome company.

Business Portfolio

CJ BIO is leading the future of Green and White BIO using best micro-based fermentation technology.

Green BIO, Animal Nutrition & Health - Amino Acids, Green Protein, Enzyme, Specialty Solution, CJ Bio, Amino Acids  - Indonesia(1990), China(2004), Brazil(2004), US(2012), Malaysia(2014), CJ Selecta, SOY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE - through acquisition of Selecta, a Brazil biotech (2017), CJ YOUTELL, ENZYMES - through acquisition of Youtell, a Chinese biotech (2020), WWhite BIO, Biomaterials, Bioplastic (Resins, Compounds, Masterbatches), CJ Biomaterials - 100% BIODEGRADABLE PHA through acquisition of Metabolix Technology and PHA Assets, US based biotech (2016), CJ HDC biosol - BIOPLASTIC COMPOUNDING JV with Hyundai EP for further research in physical properties, Red BIO, Microbiome - Genetic-based infection diagnosis, Analytics Cloud/B2B Solutions, Health Care, CJ Bioscience - MlCROBIOME-BASED NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT through acquisition of ChunLap a Korean biotech (2021), BATAVIA biosciences - CGT CDMO (CELL GENE THERAPY) - through acquisition of Batavia, a Dutch Biotech (2021)

CJ Cheiljedaung bio has established itself as the world's best green bio company through a four-stage Leap Forward based on state-of-the-art microbial fermentation over 60 years CJ bio is the only company which supplies eight major feed amino acids by using its Global plant starting with MSG production in 1964 CJ bio jumped into animal feed business with lysine at the Passa ruon plant since 1990 and produces several number one products such as tryptophan now CJ bio focuses on strengthening its Market position by expanding the growing amino acid market and product lines such as amino acid Pro and eco we're also striving for Innovations and development aiming to Global top-tier solution Provider by expanding product portfolios such as protein Source X soy soytide products and grow enact enzymes Etc furthermore CJ bio provides the Sustainable Solutions with an eco-friendly technology and the world's best microbial fermentation capabilities we contribute to creating a sustainable environment Brew amino acids and feed enzymes and customized solutions for Less nitrogen excrements by improving livestock digestion rate and reducing nitrogen excreta from feed usage reduce in addition we are leading the Improvement of environment and Global sustainability by Leading carbon reduction Trends and taking the lead in deforestation free in the raw material procurement process so we will work with you to maximize the value of product and solution to make the better place for both people and nature through ESG efforts in global value chain

Introduction of Business

Green BIOAmino Acid

Amino Acid

The only provider of all L-type Amino Acids

Based on the world's best eco-friendly fermentation technology, CJ BIO is leading a new trend of using amino acid nutrients that are sustainable and well-balanced in reducing crude proteins in animal feed.

With our compatible production capabilities, we offer a Full AA portfolio of various types and contents in accordance with the needs of the customers.

Green BIOGreen Protein

Green Protein

To be a circular economy with biotechnology, Green Protein

CJ BIO responds to ESG trends by continuously developing high-value proteins with cutting-edge technology.

Green BIOSpecialty

Specialty Solution

Ideal Protein Solution Provider

The ultimate goal of CJ BIO ANH is to become the No. 1 global ANH solution partner. We provide optimal solutions with digital technologies and application programs for the diagnosis of animal nutrition and health.

Green BIOPlant Nutrition & Health

Plant Nutrition & Health

CJ BIO PNH (Plant Nutrition & Health) signifies a paradigm shift

Through microbial fermentation, CJ BIO's Plant Nutrition & Health provides an alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which causes environmental problems. Driven by its proprietary technology that maximizes crop yield using microbes and amino acids, CJ BIO focuses on providing sustainable solutions.

Green BIOEnzyme


Creative Enhancer from nature, GrowinAct™

CJ BIO possesses excellent strain improvement technologies and a production platform that serves as the foundation of our enzyme business. Moreover, we have the capability to provide customer-oriented solution based on our complex enzyme formulation technology and anti-nutritional factor analysis services. CJ BIO strives to emerge as a global company that delivers significant customer value by our exceptional portfolio, which includes excellent strain, biotechnology, customer diagnosis, and solution technologies.



Bring a New Wave

The Onlyone BIO solution partner for life, Earth, and the future, CJ White BIO’s PHACT is creating sustainable solutions to save lives and protect the Earth.

CJ CheilJedang’s has the core technology platforms necessary to implement PHA-based solutions at scale, including bioscience, chemical engineering, materials innovation and applications development. We have the technology, expertise and production capacity to make an impact with PHA in global markets and important applications – ranging from flexible and rigid packaging, 3D printing and agricultural films to coatings, personal care, and healthcare.

We do this to create a more sustainable future offering true circular solutions to replace many non-recyclable, non-reusable and fossil fuel-based plastics and chemicals without compromising performance.

Red BIOCJ Bioscience

CJ Bioscience

CJ Bioscience is leading the future of new drug development based on microbiomes. Through investigating the relationship between various human diseases and microbiomes using world-class bioinformatics and multi-omics technologies, CJ Bioscience is committed to promoting a healthy life for human by fulfilling unmet medical needs through our new drug development and fusion healthcare solutions.