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CJ Blossom Campus Tour

Experience K-Food as it spreads throughout the world

Introduction to the
CJ Blossom Campus Tour

This tour is an opportunity to experience the brands of CJ CheilJedang, the global leading K-Food company, with all five senses.
At the History Theatre, you can vividly enjoy CJ's history, brands, and endless efforts in a 360-degree video.
At the Hetbahn Museum, you can hear stories of rice and cooked rice, the revolution of food culture triggered by Hetbahn, as well as the cutting edge Hetbahn production process.
At the ‘Technology Hall,’ you can learn about the secret method to maintain the exquisite taste of the major brands of CJ CheilJedang, including ‘bibigo,’ ‘Gourmet’ and ‘The Healthy.
At the end of the tour program, you can enjoy a hearty Korean meal with CJ CheilJedang’s home meal replacement products.

  • If you are a foreigner or Korean living overseas (if you cannot verify yourself by your phone number) interested in having a tour of CJ Blossom Campus, please contact us at the e-mail (

CJ Blossom Campus Tour MAP

History Theater

The 360° circular vision theater provides information regarding the history and brands of CJ CheilJedang, as well as CJ Blossom Campus.
You can see the origin, past, present, and future of CJ CheilJedang at a glance.

Hetbahn Museum–Hall

The Hall has the modern look of rice mill, inspired by Doebak, a measuring bowl for rice.
You can experience everything about rice, from the history of rice to the transformation of the rice cooking method, and the transition of food culture triggered by Hetbahn.

Hetbahn Museum –Smart Factory

This space allows you to watch and experience the smart manufacturing process of Hetbahn.
Through various ways, you can experience the cutting-edge production process of Hetbahn, including steps such as air shower, low-temperature storage, polishing, sorting, and packaging.

Technology Hall

You can experience the cutting-edge technology applied to the home meal replacement products produced on CJ Blossom Campus in the form of digital content. You can also enjoy a sculpture that has rendered all CJ CheilJedang products in the form of a giant wall.

Cafeteria & Dining

You can purchase excellent products produced by CJ CheilJedang, including those produced on CJ Blossom Campus. You can also enjoy a hearty Korean meal with CJ CheilJedang’s home meal replacement products.


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CJ Blossom Campus
CJ Blossom Campus, 1, Songdu 2-gil, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
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(consultation hours: 09:00~12:00, 13:00~17:00, Monday-Friday)