CJ Feed&Care
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CJ Feed&Care

CJ Feed&Care is emerging as a global livestock company as well as an agritech company
driven by continuous technological innovation.

Mission and Vision of CJ Feed&Care


Promote ONE Health, where humans, animals, and the environment can coexist, to enrich lives


A nutrition & animal healthcare company trusted by global customers and markets

CJ Feed&Care

CJ Feed&Care provides its customers with high-quality feed products optimized to promote livestock growth and breeding, focusing on the Korean and Southeast Asian markets.
Moreover, it is growing into a global livestock company through productivity-driven vertical integration of poultry and pig farming and continued expansion into the downstream end of the value chain.

Applying technology to agriculture

CJ Feed&Care has come a long way since our first production of feed products in 1973. We expanded business from feed to livestock with a focus on Asia, and now have become a leading player in the Asian livestock market. Backed by the company’s 50+ years of technical expertise and business knowhow, our aim is to become an agritech leader with innovative solutions in the global livestock industry.

Sales of CJ Feed&Care (Dec 2022)

Korea/Overseas Sales (KRW 100M, %)

해외실적비중:84%, 2020년 22,133억원 국내 14% 해외 86%, 2021년 24,470억원 국내 14% 해외 86%, 2022년 28,212억원 국내 16% 해외 84%

Sales by Country (%)

국내 16%, 베트남 36%, 인니 30%, 중국 11%, 필리핀 5%, 캄보디아 2%, 미얀마 0.5%

Introduction of Business

Feed Business

Feed Business

CJ Feed&Care, since its first production of feed products in Busan Plant in 1973, has been pioneering the Korean livestock market and beyond, leveraging technical expertise and ensuring quality in feed development. Our overseas operations, since our entry into the Indonesian market in 1995, have grown to include 27 feed plants across 7 Asian countries.

In 2022, we launched a global brand for feed business “RICHMOND” under the vision of delivering "Most Trusted Growth Feed" based on outstanding technical expertise backed by R&D infrastructure.

Livestock Business

Livestock Business

Through vertical integration from premium breed supply and farming to distribution, CJ is raising livestock that is both healthy and of high quality. This is also contributing to building a more robust food production and distribution system in Asian countries where CJ has business presence in.

Fresh Meat Business

Fresh Meat Business

In 2020, we launched a fresh meat brand, Meat Master, to provide customers with safe and delicious meat raised and processed under strict disease prevention, sanitation and quality management standards.