Functional Cooked Rice

식후혈당조절에 도움을 줄 수 있는 밥

Why control blood sugar? Functional Cooked Rice contains indigestible maltodextrin, which aids in absorbing post-meal glucose intake for those who must manage their blood-sugar level.

Functional Cooked Rice, did you know? The rice we consume every day contains carbohydrates that absorb into the blood to increase our blood-sugar level. Increased blood-sugar levels after meals go back to normal, but irregular meals, lack of exercise, and repeated excessive glucose consumption make it difficult to keep a healthy body. Managing post-meal glucose absorption is an important task to maintain a healthy body. Enjoy a healthy bowl of Functional Cooked Rice every day.

Made with the Technology of CJ Cooked Rice

  1. Good rice selection

    We carefully select from one of our national rice producing areas. Only tasty rice that undergoes a quality test in about 20 categories (taste, texture, glutinosity, etc.) is used.

  2. Maintaining quality rice

    The rice is kept at the optimal temperature of 15 ℃ to maintain the highest quality.

  3. Same day polishing

    The rice is cooked within a day after polishing for the freshest taste. CJ Cooked Rice is produced using CJ’s organic rice polishing capabilities. Variety, production area, and season affect the state of rice. Rice characteristics, rice brand layer, and rice thickness are taken into consideration in our quality polishing.

  4. Rice cooking

    Throughout our 16 year history, we have successfully applied the most optimal rice soaking time, perfect pressurizing and steam levels, and factory temperature and humidity levels to produce rice with the best taste.

  5. Packing

    Rice is sterile packed in our Clean Room. Oxygen and moisture are blocked by our multi-layered container and film to maintain the highest quality and taste.