Contains 100% Korean Oriental Raisin Tree Fruits for Your Best Health!

After creating a new market in Korea with hangover beverages in 1992, CONDITION is yet to concede first place as Korea’s favorite hangover beverage

Starting with Condition, Condition F, Condition ADH, Condition Power and CONDITION Power, in 2012, ‘CONDITION‘ was launched, with 30% more oriental raisin tree fruits than CONDITION Power.

The CJ Pharmaceutical Business Department’s raw ingredient purchasing team and research center pursued oriental medicine dealers across the nation, as well as oriental raisin tree retailers in Jeongseon and Ulleung-do of Gangwon-do, and Cheongsong of Gyeongbuk to use 100% Korean oriental raisin tree fruits as the raw ingredients for CONDITION. Rather than using imported oriental raisin tree fruits from uncertain origins that were processed through unknown methods, CONDITION was born through our efforts to only use ‘100% Korean oriental raisin tree fruits.’

CJ Condition will continue to work proudly as Korea’s No. 1 hangover solution brand (Nieisen RI JA 2012) through endless self-innovation.

Korea’s top hangover beverage! For your best condition!