CJ CheilJedang is a core subsidiary in charge of the food and bioengineering business Unit of the CJ Group. It has led the development of the Korean food industry for the past 60 years, and contributed to the development of the bioengineering industry as the nation’s top food originated company. After being launched in 1953 as a food ingredient company, continuously extended its business to processed foods. In 2007, CJ CheilJedang divided out as a subsidiary company to concentrate on the food and bioengineering business. CJ CheilJedang has achieved outstanding growth in food and food ingredients sector, as well as the bioengineering, bio-resource and pharmaceutical sector. We are striving to go beyond being number 1 in Korea to global leader in each industry.
CJ CheilJedang will continue to grow and evolve in the food & bio sectors by the spirit of ONLY ONE and develop into a global life culture company.

The Nation’s Best Food Safety

CJ CheilJedang takes responsibilities of product launching, manufacturing and distribution for every products. For the past 10 years it has been bolstered by the efforts of food safety experts and the adoption of advanced analysis equipments. Especially for newly launched products, we tightly exanimate the various hazardous substances with rigorous specifications.
In April 2002, R&D center has recognized not as a basic research department, but as a corporate auxiliary research center, and have since been engaged in various activities, such as analysis of microorganisms and additive safety, as well as HACCP consulting. All CJ CheilJedang facilities receive over 50 food safety inspections every year, including regular audits of supervisors.

Environmental Management Vision and Mission

The CJ CheilJedang bio business unit directs the issues of the dire situation created by the exhaustion of resources and environmental destruction, and therefore has proclaimed the new vision statement in 2012. Our mission is now led by the new vision “Beyond BIO, Renew the Earth” to actively respond to global environmental issues.
The bio business unit is an pursues the environment-friendly business based on fermentation technologies that produce essential amino acids for animals and people in the most efficient way through the biochemical conversion of microorganisms. By innovative technologies such as the improvement of sugar-use efficiency for microorganisms, the reduction of greenhouse gases, the reduction of water usage, and the improvement in energy efficiency;, our goal is to protect the environment and respond to climate changes.
Passing down the healthy ecological environment and a harmonious Earth to our descendants is part of the mission and duty of the CJ CheilJedang bio business unit.

Finding Future Growth Engines through R&D

CJ CheilJedang started with sugar, but based on its developed R&D technologies, CJ CheilJedang has found the future business items in functional ingredients.
In the sweetener department, we developed xylose sugar, which reduces sugar absorption, and tagatose, which helps to regulate blood glucose. The milling department launched a pan frying flour with all natural ingredients and various pre-mixed products such as brownie mixes and ice cream mixes to satisfy consumer needs. In addition, the oil department has developed the Cocoa Butter Like Oil from the enzymatic system and functional fermented soybean meal for animal feeds.
With the ONLY ONE products based on our own technology, we are developing a business model that can set new guidelines for the global food industry.