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Since its start in 1953 to produce sugar, CJ CheilJedang has grown by leading the development of the domestic food industry for the past 60 years and expanding its business to food, bio and pharmaceuticals sectors.

In the food business, we launched products with excellent taste and differentiated quality reflecting social trends and customer needs in pursuit of health and convenience and have been growing steadily by introducing premium brands such as White, Haechandle, Dasida, and Petitzel. In addition, we are leading the globalization of Korean food by cultivating bibigo as a global integrated brand.

The bio business unit started by producing MSG in 1964 and has been producing amino acid and nucleic acid products based on microbial fermentation technology accumulated over the last 50 years. As of 2017, we have secured the largest market share in the global market for lysine, tryptophan, valine and fermented nucleic acid. We are rapidly expanding our presence in the nutritional field by developing the world's first bioprosthetic L-Met and producing and selling a variety of amino acids. Since it launched the animal feed business in 1973, CJ CheilJedang has entered the Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, and Philippine markets and has produced and sold a wide range of products including feed for pig farming, poultry farming, and fish farming. Based on differentiated R&D capabilities and feeding knowledge, we are continuing to establish our position as a global feed and livestock company by continuously expanding into the emerging Southeast Asian countries.

CJ CheilJedang will not rest on being the top food company in Korea and is committed to becoming the world's best food and bio company by strengthening its global business.

We will continue recruiting and cultivating talented individuals and work hard to create a corporate culture that encourages creativity and ambition so that they can unleash their full potential.

In addition, we will take the social contribution programs currently centered on donations and volunteer activities a step further, by building up the CSV (Creating Shared Value) programs like “Happy Partnership of Farmers and CJ” to fosters the food industry ecosystem.

CJ CheilJedang promises to do its best to become a global life culture company that practices consumer-oriented management to maximize customer satisfaction with the deep-rooted spirit of change and innovation and creating health, pleasure, and convenience.

Thank you.

CJ CheilJedang CEO Shin Hyeon-jae