Overseas Business

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CJ CheilJedang entered the overseas markets for sugar and MSG in the 1960s and thereafter has continuously promoted processed food exports throughout the 1970s when it targeted Koreans living abroad in the U.S., Japan and China. In the 1980s, products using nucleotides, lysine and antibiotics as ingredients were added to its global repertoire and, accordingly, CJ CheilJedang gradually increased the scope of its overseas business.

In particular, Bio and Pharma have been the areas CJ CheilJedang most extensively focused on in its overseas markets. CJ CheilJedang entered the Indonesian market in November 1989 for the purpose of expanding its bioscience business. After securing a stable market in Indonesia for feed, chicken farming, lysine, nucleotides and MSG, CJ CheilJedang moved to Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines in the 1990s. CJ CheilJedang plans to add pharmaceutical production and marketing businesses to its existing feed business in these countries.

CJ CheilJedang actively explores local markets abroad by developing products that satisfy diverse consumer tastes.

Food business, the cornerstone of CJ CheilJedang, is being actively carried out in China and the U.S. In China, the local offices are performing various activities related to sales and market development for meat processing, Dashida, food ingredients and food materials. In the USA, the world’s largest market, CJ CheilJedang has been actively conducting business activities targeting Korean residents since the mid-1990s. In 2002, processed foods on the scale of KRW 5 million were sold in the U.S. More recently, CJ CheilJedang is developing and diversifying Hetbahn and seasoning products to suit the taste of U.S. consumers and therefore is actively developing the local markets there.

sales contacts of China
Category Address Contact
Food [CJ CHINA Foods Co., Ltd]
12/F, ONE INDIGO, 20 Jiuxiangqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China P.C 100016
Tel +86-10-5639-6000 Fax +86-10-5639-6010
[CJ CHINA Foods Co., Ltd]
Song lanBao, Sha he , Changping District, Beijing , China P.C. 102206
Tel +86-10-6973-6531 Fax +86-10-6973-2708
[CJ Qingdao Foods Co., Ltd]
No.16 Huanghe Road, Laixi Economic & Technical Development Zone, Qingdao, China P.C.266601
Tel +86-532-8849-1141 Fax +86-532-8849-1142
[Beijing Ershang CJ Food co., Ltd]
No. 1, Wuxing Road, Lucheng country, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Tel +86-10-6152-9723 Fax +86-10-6152-9717
[CJ DCH Guangdong Frozen Food Co., Ltd]
10 Jiang Yu Road, Jinguzhou, Xinhui District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China 529100
Tel +86-750-639-6660 Fax +86-750-639-6655
[Sichuan JIXIANGJU Food Co., Ltd]
Taihe Economy Center, Meishan city, Sichuan Province, China
Tel +86-28-3853-2566 Fax +86-28-3853-0301
Food Ingredient [CJ International Trading Co., Ltd.]
RM. 501~2, Building A, No.2679, Hequan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Tel +86–21-5208-1426 Fax +86–21-3231-3626
Bio [Shanghai Office]
RM 610-612, Maxdo Center, No.8 Xingyi Road, Shanghai, China
Tel +86-21-5208-2397 Fax +86-21-5208-0716
Pharma [China Branch Office]
北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路20号 13 /F, ONE INDIGO 制药部门 P.C 100016
Tel +86-10-5639-6053
Feed & Livestock [CJ Feed China Headquarter]
32F,Building A, Eagle Run Plaza, No.26 Xiaoyun Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (100125)
Tel +010-5108-7711 / ext524 Fax +010-5108-8693
[CJ (Chengdu) Feed Co., Ltd.]
No.12,Hongda Road,Liucheng Town,Wenjiang District,Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China (611130)
Tel +028-8278-2154 Fax +028-8276-2734
[CJ (Shenyang) Feed Co., Ltd.]
Shenyang new and high-tech agricultural development zone, huishan street No.127,(110164)
Tel +024-6211-2168 Fax +024-6211-2168(100)
[CJ (Qingdao) Feed Co., Ltd.]
Laixi Economic & Technical Development Zone Qingdao, Shandong Province, China (266601)
Tel +0532-8849-3851 Fax +0532-8849-3850
[CJ DCH Guangdong Frozen Food Co., Ltd.]
10 JiangYu Road, Jingguzhou, Xinhui District, Jiangmen, Guangzhou, China
Tel +86-750-639-6650 Fax +86-750-639-6655
[CJ (Zhengzhou) Feed Co., Ltd.]
Hehuan west street No.3, Zhengzhou High-New technology Industry development zone, Zhengzhou, Henan Porvince, China (450001)
Tel +0371-6784-8493 Fax +0371-6784-8318
[CJ (Nanjing) Feed Co., Ltd.]
zhujiang Industrial Zone, Zhujiang Road, Pukou economy development zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China(211800)
Tel +025-5825-7406
[CJ (Changsha) Feed Co., Ltd.]
No.8,Renhe Road, high-technology food zone, Wangcheng Xian,Changsha,Hunan Province,China (410200)
Tel +0731-8296-3000 Fax +0731-8296-3004
[CJ (Tianjin) Feed Co., Ltd.]
Jin-Hai Road East, Jing-Hai Economy Development Zone New Borough, Tianjin,China (301600)
Tel +022-6860-9931 Fax +022-6860-9936
[CJ (Haerbin) Feed Co., Ltd.]
Bohaidong Road, Jizhong District, Haping Road, Haerbin city Development zone, Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province, China (150060)
Tel +0451-8678-6001 Fax +0451-8678-6009
[CJ(Liaocheng) Feed Co.,Ltd.]
Zhuangtang west Residential Quarter, Economy Dis., Liaocheng , Shandong Province,China
Tel +0635-8518-870 Fax +0635-8518-871
[CJ (Changchun) Feed Co., Ltd.]
No.1958 Xingbei Road,Technical Economic Development Area ,Changchun,Jilin Province,China
Tel +0431-8936-8896(8897) Fax +0431-8936-8893