Product differentiation to offer the best taste, health, and convenience by using first-class technologies for the globalization of K-Food

CJ CheilJedang has been leading Korea's food industry for the past 60 years since its foundation as the country’s first sugar manufacturer in 1953. Through continuous R&D, progression and innovation, CJ CheilJedang introduces traditional Korean food and food culture to showcase the country’s taste and culture to the world.

The footsteps of Beksul represent the changes in the people’s taste and lifestyle through the history of Korean food from the sugar to the flour and marinade. CJ CheilJedang is known as Korea’s “Creator of Taste” because we make the best tasting, newest and most trustworthy food cultures . The sweetener business is expanding into the functional sweetener sector to become the global no.1 sweetener company. In the flour milling business, CJ CheilJedang is contributing to the spread of homemade cooking culture by introducing flour and various pre-mix products. In the oil business, CJ CheilJedang also contributed to the expansion of the high-quality soybean oil-based market to premium oil.

Dasida has been the unchallenged, No. 1 brand for more than 40 years since it was first introduced in 1975 as the seasoning to enhance the taste of food and enrich flavors in cooking.

Haechandle is the leading soy-based sauce brand that is the outcome of CJ CheilJedang’s traditional fermentation technology to produce the flavor that represents the foundation of Korean food. Dadam was launched as a high-quality hotpot seasoning with a wide range of menus to allow anyone without professional cooking knowledge to cook as if he or she were a professional chef.

Hetbahn, which means a delicious and freshly cooked bowl of harvested rice, represents the OnlyOne spirit as the brand that started the pre-cooked rice market in Korea. Korea’s first automated rice pounding system and sterilization process allows consumers to have delicious, ready-to-eat rice at any time. The newly introduced Hetbahn Cup Rice is growing to become the unchallenged, leading brand in the home meal replacement food market.

In the dessert market, Petitzel introduced the unique dessert culture and created the new trend in Korea while Matbam has become the widely popular natural fruit snack.

The Healthy is CJ CheilJedang’s meat/fish processing brand that offers both taste and health by focusing on maximizing the original taste and texture of natural ingredients without any mysterious additives. Gourmet aims to provide a new cuisine experience with chefs’ knowledge and recipes from around the world based on exceptional ingredients and safe cooking processes.

bibigo is the leading global brand for Korean food that encourages a new lifestyle that modernizes Korean food to make it more accessible.

Based on its extensive experience and knowledge in Korean food, bibigo shares Korean food containing the country’s unique life and philosophy with the world. People around the world can easily experience Korean food at home with the products based on the most popular Korean dishes such as dumplings, sauces, kimchi, and seaweed.