CJ CheilJedang is introducing a variety of high-quality Korean food products for the 21st century that escape the conventional framework of instant and processed foods. Leading the instant cooked rice market with the Hetbahn brand, CJ CheilJedang has launched Sprouted Brown Rice as well as Five-Grains, Black Rice and Nutritional Rice (Hetbahn) products that have received positive responses from the processed food market. In addition, CJ CheilJedang is contributing to the spread of Korean food culture in western regions by actively exporting products. CJ CheilJedang continues to sail smoothly in the dessert and snack market with launching Matbam, a roasted chestnut product, followed by ‘Petitzel’, which started a new trend in the snack market. CJ CheilJedang is also enhancing consumer satisfactionwith Freshian, the representative fresh food brand that is created with fresh and delicious ingredients.

CJ CheilJedang is continuously launching products created with fresh ingredients including The Healthier Ham made with high-quality pork containing zero additives, Gatsuo Udon which has a rich broth and dumplings made using fresh vegetables and pork. In addition, CJ CheilJedang is gradually expanding its business portfolio in fresh foods with Happy Soy, tofu made using only domestically grown soybeans and natural brine, and seafood products that brings the healthy and delicious taste of the sea.
Tofu and dumplings have in particular been popular in overseas markets and therefore are being recognized as the taste of Korea, and their export is a representative project of CJ in China and in the Western hemisphere. CJ CheilJedang’s food business will be a foundation for transforming CJ CheilJedang into a global premium life and culture company. The food business of CJ CheilJedang will create a new history in the market and will lead the food culture of the 21st century.