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CJ's Feed BU has been the frontrunner in advancing the livestock industry in
Korea through excellent feed products and breeding skills since 1973.

With the knowledge gathered through such experience in Korea, the Feed BU successfully entered the Indonesian market in 1996 and likewise developed additional markets in the Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

CJ's Feed BU is now operating 19 manufacturing plants and more than 1,000 livestock farms spread over 5 different countries.

In Korea, CJ owns 2 manufacturing plants in Incheon and Gunsan as well as an R&D Center, a Research Farm, and 4 pig farms. In Indonesia, we are supplying more than 100,000,000 chicks through our 20 chicken breeding farms and 3 manufacturing plants in Serang, Jombang and Medan. Vietnam is home to our Southeast Asian R&D Center, and also holds 3 manufacturing plants in Long An, Vinh Long and Hung Yen, as well as pig and chicken farms. In China, we own 10 manufacturing plants in Shenyang, Qingdao and other cities. China also holds a unit of our R&D Center. And finally the Philippines has a manufacturing plant in operation in Bulacan.
Even now, CJ's Feed BU is constantly expanding its global business.

CJ's Feed BU aims to maximize the Synergy effect that comes from livestock integration.
The scope of CJ's integration ranges from the provision of excellent breeding stock to feed production, breeding management, product manufacturing and the distribution of the final products. Such integration allows us to produce high-quality products and provide the farm owners with a stable income. CJ's Feed BU is committed to producing the best-quality products through the use of advanced facilities and manufacturing systems.
Our manufacturing plant has been awarded the industry's first ISO 9001 Standard in 2001 as well as the HACCP Standard in 2002.

CJ Feed's livestock experts possess both theoretical and practical knowledge through our systematic education and support programs.
These experts make regular visits to farms and attend technology seminars to provide the best feed products and breeding management skills to customers.

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November 1973 - First feed product was released.