R&D Center

A global research center that is leading the livestock farming industry of Korea

Since being founded in 1987, the Animal Biosciences Research Institute has been endeavoring to provide high-efficiency feed and scientific technology to livestock farms and safe livestock products to consumers. In addition, the Animal Biosciences Research Institute has been continuously producing R&D achievements, such as increasing the export of advanced livestock farming technology, and launching a R&D center in China in 2012 to support research projects.

Customer-centered differentiated products and services

While providing livestock farms with safe and high-efficiency feed, CJ’s Animal Biosciences Research Institute is endeavoring to lower the mortality of piglets so that farmhouses can increase their profits. In the field of cattle farming, CJ is servicing computer programs that use differentiated cattle modeling technology. CJ’s Animal Biosciences Research Institute was the first in Korea to develop disease-preventing feed that contained bacteriophage, and this has received a favorable response from the market. CJ is providing the best value for our customers by developing feed formulating technologies, feedstuff, ingredient evaluating techniques, and fundamental techniques and strengthening deployment system.

Eco-friendly research

For customers’ health and to protect the environment, the Animal Biosciences Research Institute is carrying out research activities with the goal of developing nutrition planning techniques and natural new materials to handle antibiotic regulations, as well as to lower methane gas and bad odors produced when a cocktail enzyme is used. In addition, the Animal Biosciences Research Institute is conducting a joint research project with the National Institute of Animal Science to lower the methane gas produced by cattle farming, which accounts for a significant portion of the methane that is generated.

Foundation of the Research Institute

In 2011, CJ built infrastructure for the best livestock research farm capable of conducting a comparison test against newly developed products and competing products by completing construction of a global level research facility in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province. CJ is also capable of providing its customers with differentiated values by systematic and scientific research and development. Additionally, it is surrounded by the optimum conditions to secure global top technologies and constantly pursues new growth engines with feed-based technologies and eco-friendly technologies.

Research Activities

Research Areas

  • Eco-friendly livestock farming (methane reduction and controlling pollutants such as excrements)
  • Development of functional brand feeds for livestock farming
  • Natural functional new materials to replace antibiotics
  • Development of multifunctional and high-efficiency feed for pigs, cattle, fish, chicken and pet dogs
  • Developed the vitamin-enriched Aljjaran egg
  • Developed the world’s first microbial chicken farming feed containing Biotector®
  • Developed eco-friendly and high-efficiency pig farming products, such as Dondon Step, New Pig Master and Perfect Meister
  • Developed Fresh, the premium dog food
  • Nutrition-based diet (raw material evaluation) technology development
  • Development of feed only aimed at Biofloc
  • Maintenance of internationally recognized institutions (KOLAS)