CJ produces diverse products including MSG, nucleotides, lysine, threonine
and tryptophan and supplies them locally and internationally.

The bioscience business of CJ CheilJedang began with the establishment of the Gimpo Plant in 1964, which possessed advanced fermentation and purification technologies. CJ CheilJedang manufactures a variety of bioscience products, such as MSG, nucleotides, lysine, threonine and tryptophan, and supplies them to the Korean and international markets. In 1988, CJ CheilJedang started producing Lysine, a feed additive that stimulates animal growth, in Indonesia. In 1997, CJ CheilJedang built a nucleotide plant in Jombang, Indonesia. In 2005 and 2007, a lysine plant and a nucleotide plant were established in Liao Cheng, China. In 2007, CJ CheilJedang also completed construction of a lysine plant in Pirasicaba, Brazil. In addition, the nucleotide plant in Liao Cheng expanded and the extension of tryptophan plant facilities was promoted in Pasuruan, Indonesia in 2009. As such, CJ Bio is leading a globalization of CJ Group.

Bioscience R&D centers in Korea and abroad are focused on the application of new techniques and the industrialization of technology developed for new products as well as the development of new strains. The bioscience researchers of CJ CheilJedang make up the core technological research staff, and are performing a pivotal role in promoting CJ as a global enterprise. In addition, these researchers are significantly contributing to Korea’s bio-industry, achieving the highest standards in the world. By continuously expanding global production sites, improving R&D and production competency to increase cost competitiveness, and strengthening business and technical marketing activities targeting global customers all over the world, CJ CheilJedang has become a global bioscience company that is ranked No. 1 in nucleotides and No. 2 in lysine market.

In 2010, according to the bioscience business expansion strategy of CJ Group, CJ Bio has been doing the best to achieve its vision of becoming No.1 in the world in the microbial fermentation industry. CJ group is accumulating outstanding technological power and customer values after obtaining permits to invest in large-scale global projects.