Bio Business

Beginning with MSG production in 1964, the bio business has grown rapidly by
accumulating fermentation technology capabilities.

Advanced purification by fermentation technology

With over 60 years of experience in the fermentation industry, CJ CheilJedang has achieved world-class technologies in the field. We have entered into the field of amino acids for feed based on differentiated technology competitiveness and have firmly established the foundation as the world's No.1 brand through the global production bases. Through continuous innovation, CJ CheilJedang has succeeded in producing L-methionine through the biotechnology process for the first time in the world, acquiring the core technology to lead the future bio industry. The Bio R&D Center has played a key role in transforming CJ CheilJedang into a world-class company and contributes greatly to bringing Korea's biotechnology industry to the world.

Leading products in the field of
nutrition & health

As a leading manufacturer of amino acids for feed, CJ CheilJedang was the first to produce all major amino acid products for main feed through microbial fermentation. Advanced technologies are used to ferment Corynebacterium, a safe GRAS microbial strain in animals and the human body. Lysine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, and the new amino acid packages will enhance the health and growth of animals and contribute to environmental protection.

The bio business sector, which has the world's largest amino acid portfolio in the feed additive industry, produces lysine, threonine, tryptophan, and methionine through the fermentation safe GRAS microorganism strains safe for animals and humans.

The world's first L-methionine produced from natural raw materials replaces the traditional petrochemical-derived DL-methionine and shows a higher bioavailability within the livestock. CJ CheilJedang provides the best quality products and services with the world's most productive fermentation technology and large-scale global production complexes. We are also a firm leader in the global nucleic acid market through application technologies such as low salt and low fat solutions.

CJ CheilJedang has introduced various amino acid products for feed as well as for food that contribute to improving quality of life. Amino acids, the natural substance and an essential element of life, are widely applied to beauty and hygiene products, as well as health foods.

Global Sales & Production Network

The global network of the bio business unit includes the supply bases in Indonesia, China, Brazil, the United States, and Malaysia to secure both cost competitiveness as well as a competitive edge on location. The global business network from raw material supply to sales makes it easy to provide the highest quality bioproducts anywhere in the world.

CJ CheilJedang has focused on the continuous expansion of global production bases, cost competitiveness by improving R&D capability and productivity, and strengthening sales and technical marketing power to global customers. As a result, it has grown into the only company with a diverse portfolio including the amino acids for food and seven fermented amino acid products for feed in the global market.

Feed & Livestock Business

Since launching the first feed product from the Busan Plant in 1973,
CJ CheilJedang has been leading the development of the Korean livestock industry
with excellent feed products and breeding technology. To establish the global network,
we entered the Indonesia market in 1996 and currently have 25 factories in 6 countries
(Korea, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia).

Synergy through the integration of animal husbandry

CJ CheilJedang helps the farmers to maintain a stable income through the integration of excellent breeding stock, feed production, breeding management, processing, and distribution and strives to produce high-quality products.

Advanced facilities and systems

CJ CheilJedang has been focusing on producing superior products from advanced facilities and systems. The domestic feed factory acquired the industry’s first ISO 9001 certification for the quality management system in the feed compound industry in 2001, and the Incheon No. 2 Plant received the HACCP certification which is the management standard related to food safety factors.

Field-oriented customer service

The talented livestock professionals with theoretical and practical expertise along with systematic training and support work together with customers in the field.

They provide the scientifically designed feed and breeding programs by visiting farmhouses and holding technical seminars to create the best value for the customers with field-oriented services.

Globalization & Localization

CJ CheilJedang in Indonesia has 3.57 million breeding stock in 6 factories and 42 breeding grounds in Cerang, Jombang, Medan, Lampung, Sumarang and Kalimantan, and supplies about 300 million chicks annually through its chicken business.

In Vietnam, CJ CheilJedang opened the factory in Long An in 2001, followed by the factories in Hưng Yen, Vinh Long, and Dong Nai. It also completed the construction of factories in Ha Nam and Binh Dịnh in 2017 for the joint venture of feed business and breeding business for shrimp, fish, and hog farms and the integration of livestock (pig and chicken) as part of localization through new growth engines and business models.

Although CJ CheilJedang is relatively new in the China market as it began producing feed in Chengdu in 2003, we are seeking to continuously expand our business through the stabilization of the local plants. We are currently producing and selling feed from eight factories (Shenyang, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Harbin, Liaocheng, Changchun).

CJ CheilJedang established the local corporation in 1996 and completed the factory in Bulacan in October 1997 and Bukidnon in 2017. We are selling feed to pig, chicken, and fish farms through the sales networks nationwide. We have steadily grown through excellent quality competitiveness to become one of the 500 largest companies in the Philippines.