No additives, SANDRAE is the real deal!

SANDRAE is divided into Natural Ingredients SANDRAE and 100% Raw Ingredients SANDRAE. Keeping with the well-being trend, both products use only natural seasonings without chemical or synthetic ingredients. Natural Ingredients SANDRAE was made for consumers who want to enjoy deep and rich flavors. 100% Natural Ingredients SANDRAE is made with 100% original ingredients for consumers who are interested in healthy eating. Thanks to the love of consumers, SANDRAE has been able to maintain its top market share.

Original taste without seasoning. The natural ingredient SANDRAE contains no chemical additives, and is made with only natural ingredients

Raw Ingredients SANDRAE

SANDRAE only contains raw ingredients from nature, and does not include any chemical or natural additives.

What is 100% original? Making natural tastes at home! This contains the secret to making fine tastes with original ingredients. Beef, radish, shiitake mushroom, beef leg bone, sun-dried salt, garlic, rice, cabbage and leek were dried as is, and then ground at the perfect ratio determined by CJ.

No ingredients that your child does not know the name of. Compare it with the ingredients found in other seasonings! There are 0 chemicals or synthetic additives, and not even any natural additives. Protect the health of your children and family with SANDRAE.

Natural Ingredients SANDRAE

0% chemical synthetic ingredients, all natural ingredients SANDRAE! The all natural SANDRAE uses Korean beef and seafood so it is safe to eat.
Together with Korean beef and seafood, it uses natural ingredients such as leek, radish, onion and shiitake mushroom, and contains no chemical synthetics, so it can naturally make your food taste better.

Healthy low sodium diet with the natural ingredients of SANDRAE SANDRAE has 25% less sodium than other seasonings, helping you to keep your sodium consumption low. Begin your healthy low-sodium diet with SANDRAE.