Brand Introduction

Allergy Grain Free
O'Nature Sensitive Care

The healthy and honest pet food O'Nature Sensitive Care is free from allergy-inducing grains.

As its grain-free recipe optimized for carnivorous pets comes without allergenic ingredients like corn, soy and GMO, it can be fed to your loved ones with sensitive skin or atopy. O'Nature Sensitive Care is a PET FOOD brand that offers specialized, artificial additive-free functional pet food made of strictly selected ingredients.

  • for dogs with sensitive skin GRAIN FREE

    Free from difficult-to-digest and allergenic
    corn / soy / GMO

    What is allergic skin disease in dogs?
    Allergic skin disease in dogs presents as itching and skin disease provoked by hypersensitivity to food
  • A delicious sound that dogs love to hear Carton packaging

    Convenient container allowing easy lifting with one hand

    Vacuum-sealed cap and sealing stopper to keep the food fresher and more delicious!

    For maximum freshness, refrigerate after opening.

  • CJ CheilJedang's technology and quality control have met the three essential requirements of food.
  • 1 Nutrition

    Essential nutrients for a healthy body,

    CJ Blossom Park

    We offer state-of-the-art formulas that are designed with the best local ingredients and product analysis technology.
    (Mix design of optimum amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace minerals)
    CJ Blossom Park
    2 Palatability

    Happiness through taste,

    Eco-friendly research farm

    We make delicious PET FOOD through sound and comfortable palatability tests conducted at an eco-friendly farm surrounded by thick forests and fields where animals can freely roam around.
    Eco-friendly research farm
    3 Safety

    Strictly selected healthy ingredients,

    Quality top priority

    We only use fresh and reliable ingredients that have passed our strict screening of ingredients, product evaluation and purchase systems. Thanks to consistent monitoring and complying with the standards set out by ISO and HACCP, we are confident that our products are healthy, safe and high in quality.
    Quality top priority