CJ Hetbahn

The ONLY ONE brand that started pre-cooked rice market in Korea

Launched in December 1996, CJ Hetbahn created the pre-cooked rice market. CJ Hetbahn represents CJ’s ONLY ONE spirit.

‘CJ Hetbahn’ means ‘a delicious and freshly cooked bowl of fresh, new rice’. CJ Hetbahn is made using CJ’s own milling facilities which follow a procedure of strictly managing the grain. Rice grains are polished and cooked within a day. The cooked rice is aseptically packed to hold in the taste of the freshly cooked rice. Hetbahn is made using advanced technology and is of a very high quality. Satisfying customers and promising a new growth, CJ Hetbahn is becoming the representative brand for the packaged foods of the future.

Better than rice, CJ Cooked Rice