Happy Soy

For those who like tofu,
Happy Soy

Happy Soy tofu is made using pure processes, with no antifoaming agents, emulsifiers or oil.

This tofu is made slowly at low temperatures, free from additives and with the pure taste of soybeans.

Happy Soy

We prepare the best soybeans to make pure additive-free tofu

  1. Cleaning soy beans

    Carefully selected grade 1 soybeans are sorted from pebbles and other particles and then washed in clean water.

  2. Soaking in cold water

    The cleaned soybeans are soaked in cold water at 10-15℃.

  3. Milling soy beans

    The soybeans soaked in cold water are milled finely using a millstone.

  4. Making soy soup

    Bubbles form when the finely milled soy is boiled. The bubbles are removed using a device designed to remove bubbles, instead of using antifoaming agents.

    * Antifoaming agent: Additive that artificially removes bubbles

  5. Straining

    From the boiled soy, the bean curd (tofu residue) is strained, and soy milk is created and sorted.

  6. Cooling and Maturing

    Soy milk is matured at low temperatures. During this time, the bubbles in the soy milk are removed to make it softer and better to convey the taste of the soybeans.

  7. Firming

    The soy milk that has been matured at low temperatures is firmed using natural coagulating agents made of seawater, without adding emulsifiers or oil.

    * Oil: Cooking oil used as emulsifier

  8. Completion of tofu

    Tofu and clean water are packaged together. The packaged tofu is sterilized at 85℃ or higher for at least 30 minutes, and then sent refrigerated to consumers.