Easy and convenient cooking!
Tasty secrets, Dadam

With the concept ‘it contains all kinds of seasoning’, Dadam was created in December 1997 as a high quality hotpot seasoning.
Dadam is a ready-made seasoning which is perfect for Korean cuisines. It contains mainly doenjang, fermented soybean paste/ cheonggukjang, fast-fermented bean paste/ gochujang, and red pepper paste. This allows anyone to cook, without any additional seasoning, as if he/she were a professional chef.

Dadam includes three bottle products for Doenjang Jjigae, Cheonggukjang Jjigae, and Spicy Jjigae (Spicy) and seven pouch seasoning products for Doenjang Jjigae, Naengi Doenjang Jjigae, Sundubu Jjigae, Budae Jjigae, Ddukbaegi Cheonggukjang Jjigae, Beef Snail GangDoenjang Jjigae, and Spicy Jjigae.
It also has Fresh Seed Ssamjang and Rich Seasoning Ssamjang which go perfectly with a variety of vegetables.