Usage of air fryers and consumer satisfaction
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Researching the food culture trends of Korea

에어프라이어로 조리할 수 있는 요리 이미지(감자튀김, 생선구이)

Usage of air fryers
and consumer satisfaction


We have studied the usage of air fryers that have recently
become a kitchen staple in Korea and consumer satisfaction.

01. Trend of air fryer ownership rate

이미지 설명 아래 내용 참조
Trend of air fryer ownership rate
년도구분/증감분전체1~2인 가구미취학자녀초등자녀 가구중고등자녀 가구성인자녀 가구시니어 가구
2018년 12월 38 36 52 48 39 27 5
2019년 4월 53 47 58 67 58 45 23
증감률 15%증가 12%증가 6%증가 19%증가 19%증가 18%증가 18%증가
Source: CJ Foods Survey,
N=4,500, 4 major cities
(Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon) covered

The air fryer ownership rate as in total has increased by 15% to 53% for six months from December 2018 to April 2019.
More than 10% of the increase is seen in all types, with the larger households with children from preschoolers to middle and high schoolers having a higher increase and ownership rates.
A comparatively lower ownership rate is seen in senior households, but the rate itself has significantly increased during the period, which calls our attention to the future trend of seniors.

02. Consumer satisfaction and reasons behind it

We have reviewed how satisfied consumers are with air fryers.
Air fryer consumers were surveyed and 91% of them have given 5 points (Very satisfied) and 4 points (Satisfied).
This high level of satisfaction is seen in all types of households.

이미지 설명 아래 내용 참조
How satisfied are you with your air fryer? (5-point scale)
만족/불만족 여부 전체1~2인 가구미취학자녀초등자녀 가구중고등자녀 가구성인자녀 가구시니어 가구
매우 만족 + 만족 91% 90% 89% 91% 91% 92% 89%
보통 + 불만족 + 매우 불만족 9% 10% 11% 9% 9% 8% 11%
Source: Survey on the usage of air fryers,
April 2019 (From air fryer owners)

The top three reasons the users are satisfied with air fryers are ① easy to cook (30%) ② less oil used (22%) ③ easy cleanup (21%).
Air fryers have apparently satisfied consumer needs for kitchen appliances that allow easy cooking and for consuming less oil.

03. Foods cooked in air fryers

Lastly, we have looked into the foods that people cook the most in air fryers.

이미지 설명 아래 내용 참조
Please give us the names of foods that you cook the most in air fryers. (open question)
  1. 구이(50%)
  2. 튀김(48%)
  3. 베이킹(2%)
  4. 기타(0.7%)
Source: Survey on usage of air fryers, April 2019 (From air fryer owners)
조리법 별 상세메뉴 TOP5
  1. 구이(50%)
    1. 삼겹살
    2. 군고구마
    3. 생선구이
    4. 닭 구이
    5. 윙/봉
  2. 튀김(48%)
    1. 감자튀김
    2. 치킨
    3. 만두
    4. 돈까스
    5. 치킨 너겟
  3. 베이킹(2%)
    1. 토스트
    2. 쿠키
    3. 츄러스
    4. 제과제빵

The foods cooked in air fryers have been surveyed. We have noticed that a variety of cooking methods such as roasting, frying and baking has been used and that air fryers are increasingly being used for wider varieties.
We have also discovered that air fryers are used more for roasting than frying. The foods to be roasted have turned out to be natural foods such as pork belly and sweet potatoes, but those to be fried are HMR products. This seems to be closely related to the constant growth of HMR industry.

We have reviewed the usage of air fryers and consumer satisfaction in Korea. As the number of air fryer users increases, we expect that more HMR products will be developed.

이미지 설명 아래 내용 참조
[참고]Consumer keywords for air fryers obtained by social Big Data
키워드검색 빈도(건)키워드검색 빈도(건)키워드검색 빈도(건)키워드검색 빈도(건)
조리법 튀기다 1086 튀기다 6546 굽다 69556 굽다 5652
굽다 725 굽다 1888 튀기다 24599 튀기다 5099
메뉴/요리소재 기름 1077 기름 6875 치즈 27684 8134
튀김 421 고구마 4887 기름 27563 라면땅 7598
치킨 391 만두 4656 냉동식품 26060 버팔로 3952
고구마 282 감자 4552 피자 24990 식빵 3759
감자튀김 241 튀김류 4150 냉동피자 23958 치즈 3497
치킨 1142 고구마 20988 딸기쨈 3043
군밤 18592
마시멜로 18210
Source: CJ Foods Social Big Data Analysis System, Trend of air fryer related words