Moment Story - Koreans’ Soul Food
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Moment story

Until CJ CheilJedang became the leader of globalization of Korean food

Stress relieved by spicy food! The taste Koreans love, spicy food

This year, the hot issue of the food industry is, perhaps, the craze for spiciness.
As modern people eat spicy food often to relieve stress, plus engaging videos, e.g. YouTube and personal broadcasting, featuring challenges to consume hot food, are gaining popularity, various products with a hot taste are being churned out. Once you get a bite of it, you cannot stop! What makes the hot taste so compelling?

K-food is captivating the taste buds of people around the world in step with the global K-pop craze

he K-pop craze is shaking up Generation Z all over the world.
KCON 2019, a Korean wave festival that was recently successfully held in Los Angeles, attracted over 103,000 visitors, recording the largest number of visitors in its history. The K-pop craze has been going strong in many corners of the world, with K-pop boy band BTS — notable for their global fan club, ARMY — having been awarded at the Billboard Music Awards for the second consecutive year, a first-of-its-kind feat achieved by a Korean outfit.

A change in Chuseok foods representing abundance

Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday to celebrate the year's bountiful harvest by sharing delicious food with family and loved ones. The holiday is filled with all kinds of special dishes that are usually hard to eat. Recently, there are home meal replacements (HMRs) for Chuseok to reduce the burden of going through all the trouble to prepare food.