bibigo and Gourmet that ensure freshly-cooked taste and quality

Among them, our ‘state-of-the-art packaging,’ which is designed to uphold the inherent taste
and freshness of products, is one of our most vital technologies.
Even Japan, renowned for its advanced packaging technology,
has heaped praise on the technology of the Packaging Center of CJ CheilJedang.

Deep and savory taste just like home-cooked meals, and CJ’s special sterilization technology

The common stereotype is that shelf-stable products are cheap, but don’t taste very good. To break free from this type of thinking, CJ CheilJedang has endeavored to develop a differentiated form of sterilization technology that maintains taste integrity after retorting at a high temperature, and launched bibigo soups that can convey the flavor and quality of home-made foods.

The secret of bibigo guk, tang and jjigae that can be ready to eat in just 5 minutes, which used to be require being boiled for a long time, is thanks to our new sterilization and texture control technologies. This helps to preserve the original, deep taste regardless of storage, and allows you to savor the taste of the exemplary ingredients and original texture.

고메 함박스테이크

Prepared with meticulous care,
just like home-made food

‘bibigo Korean soup & stew’
고메 그릴피자

Secret of the moist taste

Gourmet Hamburger Steak

Our patented packaging technology that recreates the Hamburger Steak taste you’ve had at restaurants

Our Gourmet Hamburger Steak is a decent meal, where you just need to pop the container into the microwave for just less than 7 minutes (700W). Our delectable product is the result of great ingredients, a recipe adhering to the chef’s cooking process, and the advanced technology of the Packaging Center of CJ CheilJedang.
Frozen products often fail to ensure a uniform taste as part of the product is often either undercooked or overcooked. To address this problem, the Packaging Center of CJ CheilJedang used the principle of the dumpling steamer to emphasize the flavor of Hamburger Steak that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Also, as the container, which looks like a gratin bowl, is designed to have its own steam discharge structure, heat is delivered uniformly to the food, thus effectively handling moisture concerns so that the contents will not become dry. After engaging in research to enhance the quality of cooking, CJ CheilJedang embossed the bottom of the container. As the electromagnetic waves quickly reach the center, and heat is rapidly spread to the food, the cooking time is also reduced. As the lid film for the container tends to curl up when heated, it is often difficult to hold and tear off. As our patent-pending lid film has a double sealing structure, it can be removed easily, and can even maintain freshness right up to the expiration date, such as 9 months.

Diverse packaging technologies of CJ CheilJedang

CJ CheilJedang is engrossed in the development of a range of advanced packaging technologies. After launching pouch-based products, which you can put in the microwave without opening them, it developed plastic can products, which are heated in the container, in place of metal can products, which must be cooked in another container. The company is also developing mass-production technology, which CJ CheilJedang will use to help raise the level of HMR by developing innovative packaging technology for ‘eco-friendly materials,’ ‘delectable products’ and ‘convenient products’.