Korean Fish Sauce by CJ HaSunJung | CJ CheilJedang
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Hasunjung, Famous Korean Cuisine House

Korean side dishes (饌) containing the taste of fermentation

Hasunjung is a traditional Korean fermented food brand that makes the most of the combination of 60 years of know-how and a pure natural taste

CJ CheilJedang carefully selects each and every ingredient, and uses the food research know-how of Korea’s first food researcher, the late Mrs. Sun-jung Ha, to make various Korean side dishes based on Hasunjung’s own fermentation technology. The company hopes that more people will enjoy these dishes more conveniently.


Hasunjung contains the various tastes of Korean foods that used to be served in Korea

Hasunjung put a traditional Korean design in the symbol that embodies a hexagonal table, and re-interpreted the meaning of adherence to the taste and flavor of Korean food along with the secrets of Hasunjung with a modern twist.

Hasunjung containing the fermented food culture of Korean food

Hasunjung capitalized on the 60-year-old fermentation technology to adhere to the taste of traditional Korean food, such as kimchi that brings out the deep taste of the ingredients, various Korean side dishes that contain the fermented taste of Korean food, minced garlic that enhances the flavor of Korean food, and flavoring ingredients like fish sauce.

Hasunjung continues the 60 years tradition of the famous Korean cuisine house Hasunjung with its know-how in food research

The company combines the manufacturing philosophy of ‘Fresh, quality ingredients that must be carefully selected and with products that must be made in a clean environment taking great care’ with the food research know-how of the late Mrs. Sun-jung Ha to make the products.


Hasunjung Fish sauce

Hasunjung Fish sauce

Hasunjung Kimchi

Hasunjung Kimchi