Health and Safety
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Health and Safety



CJ CheilJedang is a global food and bio company that puts product safety and customer health first. We have established the 'Integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System' from product development to distribution in South Korea and in all the countries where we operate to ensure food safety for our customers at home and abroad. In addition, we provide functional bio-products for the nutrition and health of animals, contributing to animal welfare and greater viability for farms. The operation is expanding to cover humans and plants as well. Implementing 'Nature to Table', CJ CheilJedang continues its work to provide safe and healthy food to customers.

2019 KEY

Use of eco-friendly
ingredients - 600,000 tons Procured ingredients, Sales of healthy
products - KRW 100 billion Healthy product business, Market share in the nutritional enhancement product market - No. 1 in the global market (Lysine, tryptophan, nucleotide, valine, SPC*) *SPC(Soy Protein Concentrate)

Promoting Culture for Food Safety

Establishment of Integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System

CJ CheilJedang conducts food safety assessments of all products and operates an integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System (CJQMS) in Korea and all global business sites (China, Vietnam, United States, Germany, Japan). As a result, we provide food products that our customers can consume without any worry. Our CJQMS system helps the company proactively prevent and control quality issues that may occur across the value chain, including R&D, production and sale.

* CJQMS (CJ Quality Management System): An integrated system for food safety
CJ CheilJedang Value Chain : R&D(for the enhancement of product quality) > Procurement(Selection of suppliers and quality evaluation) > Production(Inspection of business sites and defect control) > Sale(Safety management for product distribution)
Management of Food-Safe Ingredients - Production(Country of origin) > Government certification > Sale (Organic ingredients) > CJ CheilJedang evaluation of organic ingredient (Total inspection at the Quality and Safety Center) > Use (CJ Blossom Campus (Production Base)) - Tightening the CJ CheilJedang safety verification

Management of Ingredient’s Food Safety

CJ CheilJedang recognizes that the use of safe ingredients is
essential in producing food that everyone can consume without
concern. With this in mind, we carefully choose organic ingredients.
Though our products are certified organic by the government, we
carefully manage our food ingredients by independently carrying
out additional evaluations that are even more stringent than the
relevant laws and regulations. We constantly validate the safety of
ingredients used in our products.

Enhancing Communication for Customers
Safety and Security

We provide information on products, particularly addressing
any potential misconceptions, to customers through culturally-
appropriate videos. In this way, we communicate with our
customers to help them use our products without concern.

Sample video: “Get to Know Hetbahn”

Development of Health Products

Enhancement for Customer’s Nutrition

‘Balance Meal’, Home Meal Replacement for Nutritional Balance of Consumers

CJ CheilJedang is striving to develop
products with balanced nutritional
content. In 2019, we launched ‘Balance
Meal’, a simple but nutritious product.
We developed the product with close
consideration on the optimal amount of
daily consumption of nutrients. ‘Balance
Meal’ is a high-protein nutritional food
product consisting of at least 30%
protein based on the daily reference
intakes of nutrients.

HEALTH - 1. With six healthy fermented grain 2. No synthetic flavors , NUTRITION - Containing 30% or more of protein(based on the reference amount of daily nutrient intakes) (Protein, Dietary fiber, Calcium, Folic acid, Vitamin B6, C & E)

‘Returnup’, Neutral Vitamin Made by Fermentation Technology

In 2019, based on fermentation and
processing technologies refined over 65
years, CJ CheilJedang developed and
launched ‘Returnup’, a fermented multivitamin
product, in Korea. By applying
our globally-patented tablet making
technology (Compressing medicines into
regular shapes), we are able to use only
vegetable ingredients extracted from
seaweed and exclude synthetic substances.
In addition, we provide care solutions that
are customized for the physical differences
between different age groups.

HEALTH - No synthetic substance (Tablets made with vegetable ingredients), NUTRITION - 1)Increased nutrients with fermented yeast 2)2.5 times* higher absorption rate (* Based on the absorption rate of selenium compared to non-fermented vitamin products)

CJ CheilJedang’s Efforts for Customers

Since our foundation in 1953, CJ CheilJedang has constantly explored how to improve the health of our customers and provide sufficient
nutrition. Based on this commitment, we developed the following products.
2009 - Hetbahn | Low-protein Rice for Patients with Metabolic Diseases(Low-protein rice for patients with congenital metabolic diseases who must limit their consumption of protein) > 2010 - The Healthy | Processed Food with No Additives(Processed food with five synthetic additives excluded that consumers can eat without concern) > 2011 - Beksul | Sweetree (A low-sugar product for a healthy sweet flavor with a lower absorption rate, which helps control blood sugar) > 2013 - BYO | Lactobacillus for Atopic Dermatitis (The world’s first lactobacillus that helps improve your skin condition) > 2014 - Beksul | Cooking Oil for Health (Cooking oil for balanced fatty acid considering changes in dietary habits) > 2015 - BYO | Intestinal Lactobacillus (Lactobacillus for improving the health of the intestine) > 2019 - Balance Meal’ and ‘Returnup’ (A home meal replacement product for your health and a healthy vitamin product developed by fermentation technology)
Enhancement for Livestock Health

Development of Functional Foods and
Flavor Materials

CJ CheilJedang develops high-quality functional amino acid
that improves the nutritional balance of animals, plants and
human beings by using its own microorganism technology.
We also develop ingredients for improving immunity including
probiotics and natural food ingredients for healthier flavors.
We aim to contribute to enhancing the health and nutritional
balance of all animals, plants and people.

The largest sales in the global market in 2019 *Based on lysine, tryptophan, valine, nucleotide and SPC (Accelerating growth, Fatigue relief, Enhancing digestion rate, Strengthening immunity

Development of Immune-Boosting
Materials to Prevent Animal Diseases

BIOTECTOR® is a bacteriophage* used as a feed additive. This
animal disease prevention product selectively destroys bacteria
that may cause diseases, including salmonella, pathogenic
coliform bacillus, and clostridium botulinum. We improved
its efficacy compared to existing products to prevent stronger
bacterial diseases (fowl typhoid, pullorum). We will continuously
develop relevant technologies to contribute to reducing and
preventing animal diseases and providing alternatives to

* Bacteriophages: It is naturally designed to target specific
bacteria, they selectively destroy harmful pathogens while
leaving useful bacteria behind. It can also be used as an
alternative to antibiotics, which also contributes to reducing
the incidence of antibiotic resistance and super bacteria.
1)Addressing 95% out of 740 types of pathogenic microorganisms 2)100% bio contents (harmless to human and livestock) 3)Possible to replace antibiotics in animal feed [① Bacteriophages are added to animal feed ② The added bacteriophages are absorbed into the intestines and destroy pathogenic micro-organisms.]

Global No.1 Bio-technology

CJ CheilJedang focuses its R&D capacity on green bio,
including animal feed additives and natural food ingredients.
We facilitate R&D efforts to develop new products such as
immunity improvement ingredients and enzymes to expand
into new markets in addition to existing ones. Furthermore,
we actively promote R&D efforts in the White Bio and Red Bio
sectors. CJ CheilJedang aims for sustainable R&D in all bio
sectors in order to improve the health and nutritional balance
of people, animals and plants.

CJ CheilJedang (1. GREEN BIO - Agricultural and food sectors, Production of bio-based additives and functional ingredients, 2. RED BIO - Medical and pharmaceutical sectors / Development of bio-based medicines and disease prevention healthcare service, 3. WHITE BIO - Environmental and energy sectors, Production of bio-based energy and plastics