Health and Safety
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Health and Safety


CJ CheilJedang uses healthier ingredients to deliver safe and reassuring products to customers and promotes
consumer’s health through the operation of a systematic and integrated food safety system. Furthermore, we
constantly ask ourselves the following questions: How can we provide sufficient nutrients through only processed
foods? What should we consider first at the raw material procurement stage to contribute to delivering healthy
finished products? How can we implement our stringent integrated food safety system globally? In searching for
the answers, we have found ways to offer healthier and safer products. Going forward, CJ CheilJedang will
continue our endeavors to create safe and healthy products and deliver them to you from nature.

2020 KEY

Setting healthy nutrient standards - Establishment of the CJ Nutrition Criteria. Building a healthy HMR brand - Launched The BIBIGO, Launching 12 new products, Sales of Natural flavor enhancer ‘TasteNrich®’ KRW 5billion Supplied to approx. 100 companies in 31 countries. Secured the world's first natural mass-production technologyforcysteinethat doesn’t use electrolysis

Developing Differentiated Products that
Consider Health and Nutrition

Establishment of systematic Nutrition Guidelines

Establishment of the CJ Nutrition Criteria

CJ CheilJedang established the CJ Nutrition Criteria a set of
nutritional standards for each product category to provide healthy
processed foods and improve consumers’ dietary habits. The CJ
Nutrition Criteria identified major categories from our product
portfolio and established the upper limit for energy (calories) and
the five nutrients (fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and sodium),
of which excessive consumption may be unhealthy. We will not
only continuously assess the nutritional quality of our products
based on these guidelines, but we also use them for designing
nutritional structures when developing new products for the future.
Furthermore, we intend to establish and implement a strategy
for improving the nutritional quality of products and thereby
contribute to consumer health. We remain committed to fulfilling
our social responsibility.

STEP1 - Select nutrients to manage. STEP2 - Categorize products. STEP3 - Establish maximum nutrient standards by product category. STEP4 - Validate by the external Advisory committee. Example. RICE-BASED DISH : ≤ 30% of Daily Value. Energy: ≤ 30% of Daily Value Saturated fat: ≤ 10% of Energy Trans fat: 0g from PHO Total sugars: ≤ 10% of Energy Sodium: ≤ 35% of Daily Value (per 1 serving size). Guideline Design Process and Example

Operation of the KNS-Affiliated External
Advisory Committee

CJ CheilJedang has established and operates its External Advisory
Committee in affiliation with the KNS (The Korean Nutrition Society)
to set fair nutrition criteria and policies for the company. KNS is a
domestic organization with reliable authority in nutritional science.
The External Advisory Committee began operation in 2019. The
committee annually selects meeting agendas and hosts three regular
meetings as well as lower-level meetings for specific areas. CJ
CheilJedang strives to collect various opinions from external experts
to implement them in our health and nutritional strategies. Through
this effort, we aim to ensure objectivity and build consumer trust.

External Advisory Panel, Operation of the Advisory Committee

Launch of THE BIBIGO,
a Healthy HMR Brand

CJ CheilJedang launched twelve new products under The bibigo,
a new HMR brand, based on our unmatched R&D competitiveness
and business specialty. The bibigo is a healthy HMR brand based
on our R&D competency that adds advanced health and nutritional
value to conventional HMR (home meal replacement) products.
It offers enhanced nutritional balance, excellent flavors, and the
authentic texture of natural ingredients. Furthermore, we provide
meal suggestions using our The bibigo products to help customers
create balanced meals for healthy lifestyles. We will keep expanding
the product portfolio of The bibigo, and delivering accurate health
and nutritional information to our consumers to support their healthy

Launch of THE BIBIGO, a Healthy HMR Brand
Development of healthy products based on our differentiated fermentation capabilities

Plant-Derived Fermented Flavor Enhancer TasteNrich®

TasteNrich®, a differentiated future-oriented flavor enhancer, is based on 60 years of experience of CJ Bio research in fermentation technology
and its R&D capabilities. Using only plant-derived ingre-dients through a fermentation process with no additives or chemical treatments,
TasteNrich® meets the “Clean Label*” requirements. Also, processed foods using TasteNrich® can be certified as “Clean Label Foods”. More
than 100 companies from 31 countries, such as large spice sauce companies and food companies in North America, are using TasteNrich®.
Domestically it is used in SPAM Mild, which has 25% less sodium content than the original product, and several bibigo products.

* Clean Label: Used to indicate foods or ingredients with characteristics such as no artificial additives, minimal processing, and non-GMO, Allegens-free,natural ingredients, etc.

Features : Health > Natural ingredients, Plant-based, low-sodium. Clean Label > NO additives, Non-GMO, Allegens-free. Safety > Vegan, Animal free, Halal, Kosher. Applications : Premium Food > No Additives, Noodles, processed meats, sauces, condiments, snacks, etc. Health Food > Organic ingredients, ‘A tasty health food’. Innovative Future Products > Alternative plant-based meat (natural flavor), Meal kit (full of flavor, with no additives)

FlavorNrich™ Master C, the World’s First
Natural Cysteine Produced without Electrolysis

FlavorNrich™ Master C, the first natural vegan cysteine, born to meet
the “naturalistic” trend in the food industry. Cysteine is a functional
amino acid with anti-oxidation, detoxing, and skin-regenerating
effects. It is widely used in functional foods, pharmaceutical
ingredients, additives for animal feeds, and as part of ingredients
that add meat flavor. While most companies that produce cysteine
extract it from animal fur or Electrolysis technology, CJ CheilJedang
is the only company that successfully manufactures 3rd-generation
cysteine using a microbe fermentation method.

The Evolution of the Cysteine Method > Natural Fermentation - 3rd-generation electrolysis-free fermentation method. Fermentation Electrolysis - 2nd-generation electrolysis method. Hydrolysis - 1st-generation hydrolysis method

BIOTECTOR, the Feed Additive that
Eliminates Harmful Bacteria in Livestock

BIOTECTOR is the world’s first bacteriophage cocktail feed additive
that helps remove harmful bacteria from the digestive systems of
livestock. It prevents contamination and infection from Salmonella,
controlling livestock disease and promoting the healthy and
safe growth of animals. We have improved the product for more
powerful prevention against bacterial diseases. Through continuous
R&D, we’ve replaced antibiotics while reducing infections of


A feed enzyme that promotes
livestock nutrition

Feed enzymes enhance the digestibility of livestock and benefits
to growth of bacteria for animals. Owing to increased meat
consumption and increased demand for feed, feed enzymes are in
the spotlight not only for improving livestock health but also for their
potential for reducing production costs. CJ CheilJedang acquired
Youtell in 2019 and combined CJ know-how in bacterial strains
and fermentation technology with Youtell’s enzyme technology. To
strengthen our competitiveness for future enzyme products, and
expand our sales into APAC and other target regions, we are actively
researching on product improvement and formulation.

Feed enzyme

Efforts for Safe Food

Enhancement of the Food Safety Management System

Systematization of the CJ Global Quality and Safety System

CJ CheilJedang operates its CJQMS* (Food Safety and Quality Management System) to deliver reliable products to our customers. Through
this system, we preemptively prevent and control possible quality issues across the value chain, including in R&D, production, and sales. CJ
CheilJedang’s integrated Food Safety System runs in five countries to promote the systemized quality safety system on a global scale. The CJ
Global Quality Safety System pursues three criteria: fulfillment of quality philosophy and principles, localization of the Integrated Food Safety
System, and obtainment of GFSI* Certification at overseas production facilities. Complying with these world-class standards, we carry out the
best food safety practices.

CJ Global Quality and Safety System

Quality Philosophy

We value safety of our customers, consumers and employees by placing
the “OnlyOne safety first culture” as top priority of our business.

Five Principles
Customer/ Consumer
Compliance First Evolution and Innovation Preventive Management Creating Shared Value
We attentively listen to our customers and consumers’ voice and put their safety first. We conduct management activities based on the CJ Quality Management System (CJQMS), we strive to exceed the legal standards for safety of our customers/consumers. We continuously strive to improve and lead evolution and innovation based on the OnlyOne spirit for the safety of our customers/ consumers. We establish a strict quality risk management/crisis prevention system to ensure the safety of our customers/consumers. We strive to create shared value with our business partners to build a win-win ecosystem.

CJ CheilJedang Value Chain

* CJQMS(CJ Quality Management System). R&D - Product quality R&D > Procurement - Supplier selection and quality evaluation > Production - Inspection of production facilities and defect control > Sales - Safety management for product distribution
* CJQMS(CJ Quality Management System)
Global QMS & Certification
Localization (Localization for the local culture·business areas) - CJQMS US, CJQMS JP, CJQMS VN, CJQMS CN, CJQMS EU > GFSI* Food Safety System certification in overseas production facilities - • GFSI Food Safety System certification status at global production facilities - 10 certified production facilities (as of 2020)
                                    • Achieve GFSI-recognized certification for 14 overseas production facilities (by 2023) Certified production facilities. 2020 - 10 facilities(71%), 2023 - 14 facilities(100%)
* GFSI certification refers to food safety certificates such as FSSC22K, BRC, SQF, and IFS, that are recognized under the global food safety
requirements defined by the GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative). GFSI certification is granted following vigorous reviews of production
facilities that have implemented transparent and consistent food safety systems and is recognized worldwide.