Code of Ethics
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Code of Ethics

Message from CEO regarding ethical management

Greetings to
our respected

This is Eun Seok Choi, CEO of CJ CheilJedang.
We will establish our unique ethical
management culture.

CJ Management Philosophy : Mission - Contributing, To the global community, By providing the best value, With our only one, Products and services. Vision - Global lifestyle company, Inspiring a new life of health, happiness and convenience. Core Values : Talen - Exceptional Talent exceptional culture. Only One : First, Best, Different. Share Growth - Building ecosystems shared value. Princeples - Intergrity·Passion·Creativity·Respect

Along with changes in the global management environment, including the spread of
sustainability management and ethical management, CJ CheilJedang implements responsible
corporate activities by establishing the ethical management system and organizational culture
based on our corporate philosophy.

We have established the management system to carry out ethical management activities,
prepared a clear guideline that serves as a principle and standard for employees to work to
and continued to reinforce the global management system to support ethical management
activities at home and abroad.

As these systems need to be based on voluntary compliance stemming from corporate culture,
we constantly perform various activities to strengthen employees’ mindset and practice to
create an upright corporate culture.

With ethical management activities based on CJ CheilJedang’s unique corporate culture, all
of our employees will continue to achieve the vision of Global No.1 Food and Bio Company
and grow as a globally supported and trusted company beyond survival in the global business

CEO of CJ CheilJedangEun Seok Choi

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

CJ CheilJedang encourages all employees to comply with code of ethics in all daily work processes to pursue ethical business management.

Management and employees of CJ CheilJedang are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction, maximizing shareholders value and improving
employee satisfaction. We conduct business activities in a transparent and fair manner. Especially, based on the Code of Conduct of the company,
we are committed to full compliance to make the right decision and action.

Our Promise to Customers

  • We provide ONLYONE products and services to our
  • We promote and sell our products and services to
    customers ethically and honestly.
  • We take our customers' feedback seriously, and customer
    satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  • We protect our customers' personal information in a
    secure and responsible manner.

Our Promise to Shareholders and

  • We keep all our records accurately and manage them
  • We comply with the public disclosure rules and strictly
    control insider information.
  • We protect the Company's assets with care and use them
  • We comply with the Company's privacy policy and protect
    its confidential information.

Our Promise to Fellow CJ Employees

  • We foster an environment where we can work with pride and
    have fun.
  • We foster a healthy and safe working environment.
  • We perform our work in an honest and lawful manner and
    with our best efforts.
  • We try to find the right balance between protection of
    individual privacy and respect for our co-workers.

Our Promise to Fellow Players
in the Market

  • We establish a sound transaction order by competing fairly.
  • We create an industrial ecosystem of shared growth by
    dealing fairly with our business partners.

Our Promise to the Global Community

  • We create shared value and fulfill corporate social
  • We realize social values by respecting human rights and
    protecting the environment.
  • We comply with the anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws
    from all over the world.
  • We respect the international trade order and abide by the
    laws and regulations of each country.

Ethical Management Activities
& Policy

Ethical Management Activities

CJ CheilJedang carries out various activities at domestic and overseas business sites to establish a ethical management system.

Ethical Management Committee meeting in 2020

May, 2020

Signing ceremony for fair transaction agreement in 2019

Dec, 2019

COMPLIANCE COORDINATOR commitment ceremony in 2019

Nov, 2019

Ethical Management Committee meeting in 2019

Oct, 2019

Enforcement of China Network Security Law

Apr, 2019

Training on the implementation of the Fair
Transactions in Subcontracting Act

Jan, 2019

All employees create an organizational culture for voluntary compliance together based on the understanding of ethical management.


Improper Solicitation and Graft Act

Sexual harassment prevention

Workplace bullying prevention

Ethical Management Policy

We have made a guideline by reflecting domestic and global regulations and let them comply with
these regulations in all corporate activities of CJ Cheiljedang.

CJ CheilJedang aims to comply with the anti-corruption guide for global customers and markets.

CJ CheilJedang is committed to comply with applicable anti-trust and competition laws of all countries in which we do business.

CJ CheilJedang implements security measures to protect personal information by recognizing the importance of the personal information management.

We regularly operate communication channels for all employees and stakeholders to ensure horizontal and mutual growth.