Korea’s first sugar manufacturer – NOW,

a living & culture company of the 21st century

Present ~ 2014

  • 01Completed construction of a bio resources plant in BinhDịn, Vietnam.
  • Completed construction of a bio resources plant in Mindanao, the Philippines.
  • 10Selected as the official sponsor of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
  • 09Completed construction of a bio resources plant in Ha Nam, Vietnam.
  • 06Launched the food business in Russia by acquiring a food manufacturer.
  • 05Opened the integrated R&D center, CJ Blossom Park.
  • 01Began production of cysteine by fermentation.
  • 12Ranked No. 1 in Korea and the US with bibigo dumpling.
  • Completed construction of a bio resources plant in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • 08Completed construction of a bio resources plant in Sumarang, Indonesia.
  • 03Acquired Haide and launched the amino acids for food business.
  • 02Launched the food business in Vietnam by acquiring a food manufacturer.
  • 12 Acquired a bio resources plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • 06 Developed Allulose, the next-generation sweetener.
  • Began L-methionine production in Kerteh, Malaysia.
  • 03 Established CJ Breeding.
  • 01 Completed construction of a feed plant in Dong Nai, Vietnam.
  • 12 Launched Bio Amino Acid L-Methionine (Malaysia).
  • 09 Launched Bio Amino Acid Valine in Indonesia.
  • 07 Obtained a patent on kimchi lactic acid bacteria, 'CJLP 133'.
  • 05 Built the CJ CheilJedang TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) plant and entered the TPN market.
  • 04 Established CJ HealthCare Corp. (physical division of the Pharmaceutical Business Department).
  • 01 Established Maritime Tower Company Ltd. (a head office) in Vietnam.

2013 ~ 2012

  • 10 Opened ‘L-Methionine,’ the world’s first eco-friendly fermentation method, to the public in the World Conference on Animal Production.
  • 06 CJ Cooked Rice was selected as the 2013 Green Food, a first for a product in the instant food category.
  • 05 bibigo won the 2013 Partner Award from TESCO.
  • 05 Hutgaesoo (Oriental Raisin Tea) recorded cumulative sales of 40 million bottles.
  • 04 Acquired Low Carbon Certificate for 4 Beksul sugars.
  • 03 Introduced a pellet boiler that uses eco-friendly new renewable energy, at the Jincheon plant of CJ CheilJedang.
  • 03 Acquired the JAKIM Halal Certification for 43 items, including CJ Cooked Rice, laver, and kimchi.
  • 02 Recorded KRW 7 trillion in sales for 2012, a first in the Korean food industry.
  • 02 Launched ‘Extra crunch laver,’ the first Korean laver product to
    originate from domestic seed, and retained the right to the source seed.
  • 02 Launched the premium pet food brand, O'FRESH.
  • 06 Announced the 5 most popular foods, “Nation Foods”.
  • 05 Secured cooperation with Cargill (US) for feed amino acid business, and held a ground-breaking ceremony for a green biotech plant in the U.S.A.
  • 04 Opened ‘Prime Service,’ the CJ ONMart charged membership.
  • 03 Launched B2C goods for the natural sweetener Tagatose.
  • 02 Recorded KRW 6 trillion in sales, a first in the food industry, and reorganized the concept of the ‘Petitzel’ brand.

2011 ~ 2010

  • 11 Reorganized the concept of the ‘Beksul’ brand.
  • 10 Opened a specialized stock raising center, ‘Research Farm,’ in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do.
  • 08 Held a win-win growth agreement ceremony with business partners, and announced 4 shared growth programs.
  • 07 Launched Xylose sugar product.
  • 06 Secured distribution networks in Japan for the CJ Makgeolli brand.
  • 05 CEO Kim Cheol-ha took charge. CJ CheilJedang became the first in the world to start mass production of coconut shell Xylose, and launched the largest domestic fresh food brand, ‘Freshian’.
  • 03 Fully advanced into the Korean rice process market.
  • 12 Built a medical supplies plant in Osong Biovalley.
  • 08 Completed construction of a bay salt plant of the largest production scale in the world.
  • 07 Became a distribution agency of the local specialty Makge-olli products. Concluded an agreement for the study of eco-friendly livestock farming with the Rural Development Administration.
  • 06 Concluded a strategic agreement in the field of fire extinguishers with a Japanese company.
  • 05 Concluded an agreement for ‘bioinformatics’, the future technology for the bioengineering industry. Concluded an agreement for the development of new materials and process technologies with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology.
  • 04 Entered an agreement for joint stem cell research with Seoul National University Hospital. Completed construction of the world’s first rice protein plant in China.
  • 02 Commenced construction of the world’s first coconut shell Xylose plant (the Philippines).

2009 ~ 2008

  • 11 Beksul, the representative brand of CJ, was newly born with colors
    and designs that transcend generations. Concluded an agreement
    for the development of new drugs using natural ingredients
    with Zeller of Switzerland, an herbal medicine specialist.
    Concluded an agreement for cooperation in fundamental
    research technology with KAIST.
  • 10 Concluded an agreement for eco-friendly bioscience
    research with Korea Research Institute of
    Bioscience & Biotechnology.
  • 09 Concluded an agreement for ‘industrialization of
    domestically grown wheat’ with Jeollanam-do Province and
    Woorimil Nonghyup.
  • 08 Concluded an agreement for joint development
    of eco-friendly feed additives with National
    Fisheries Research & Development Institute.
    Concluded an agreement with
    HanAll BIOPharma for introduction of new drugs
    for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.
  • 06 M&A with Samyang Oil
  • 02 First large-enterprise to embark upon stem cell business.
  • 12 First in the food industry to record KRW 3 trillion in sales.
  • 09 Completed construction of the largest meat processing plant in Korea.
  • 08 Established a joint venture for grain processing business with (元) △北大荒 of China in Harbin.
  • 07 Commenced construction of the cGMP pharmaceutical plant in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do. Completed construction of the animal feed BU Vinh Long Plant in Vietnam.
  • 04 Entered organic food business field in full scale.
  • 02 Invested $2.5 million in a U.S. stem cell company.
  • 01 Built a new meat processing plant Sold Suwon plant.

2007 ~ 2006

  • 09 CJ Co., Ltd. spin-off. Launched business holding company, CJ CheilJedang Co., Ltd.
  • 04 Strategic affiliation with Lion of Japan for pharmaceutical OTC
  • 01 Took over CJ Omnifood. Inc., (formerly, Pioneer Trading Inc.), a U.S. food manufacturing company.
  • 12 Took over Ha Sun Jung Food.
  • 11 M&A with Hanil Pharmaceutical
  • 10 Bakery BU merged into CJ Foodville.
  • 09 M&A with Haechandle
  • 06 Established CJ Global Holdings Ltd., an investment holding company, in Hong Kong.
  • 04 M&A with Morning Well Took over Samho F&G
  • 01 Established CJ China Plant.

2005 ~ 2004

  • 12 Took over Annie Chun’s Inc., a U.S. food distribution company.
  • 11 Established CJ N City Co., Ltd.
  • 07 Established CJ do Brasil Ltd., a lysine company in Brazil.
  • 06 Established CJ Harbin Feed Co., Ltd. in China.
  • 05 Established CJ Tianjin Feed Co., Ltd. in China.
  • 01 Established CJ Beijing Bakery Co., Ltd. in
    China. Sold Life division to Lion.
  • 12 Received the ‘Best Company in Food and
    Pharmaceutical/ Textile/ Paper Manufacturing
    Industry’ prize at the 14th Economic Justice
    Enterprise Award. CJ Pharma Bu’s fluid
    exceeded annual production volume of
    30 million bags.
  • 11 20th anniversary of ‘Stories in Life’,
    CJ’s publicity gazette
  • 10 Hosted LPGA CJ Nine Bridges Classic
  • 07 Took over Hanil Pharmaceutical.
  • 03 Ground-breaking ceremony for transfer of CJ Busan Plant 1 (Yangsan)
  • 02 CJ Consortium took over Shindongbang CJ Co. Ltd. Was selected as a fair trade compliance company.
  • 01 CJ Information Center commenced the 1588-000 service.

2003 ~ 2000

  • 06 CJ organized the ‘Art in Living’ exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary.
  • 05 Opened CJ Human Resources Center in Pil-dong. Announced the new ‘CJ Song’ to commemorate the 50th anniversary of CJ.
  • 03 Completed construction of CJ Chengdu Feed Plant. CJ Indonesia received the Presidential Award of Indonesia.
  • 01 CJ China organized the Hailan River Literary Award.
  • 10 CheilJedang Co., Ltd. changed to CJ Co., Ltd.
  • 04 Qingdao Plant China to commenced Dashida production.
    Nucleic acid was selected as a World Class Product.
  • 02 Vice President Lee Jae-hyeon promoted to President .Trade
    name in English changed to ‘CJ Corp.’ at the 49th general
    stock-holders meeting. Opened CJ Nutra (health food) store 1 (Mok-dong)
  • 11 Sold beverage business to Lotte Chilsung Beverage.
  • 05 Tous Les Jours entered the Singaporean market. The 100th issue of ‘Stories in Life’, CJ’s publicity gazette
  • 04 Cosmetics Division branched off into CJ Enprani. Completed construction of tapioca plant in Indonesia.
  • 03 Completed construction of CJ Bina Agri, the animal feed plant in Vietnam. Sold beverage business.
  • 10 Acquired and established CJ Ord River Sugar Pty. Ltd., the raw sugar plant in Australia.
  • 09 CJ FD System was integrated with CJ FS, branched off into CJ Food.
  • 07 CJ Food Service Division branched off as ‘Foodville’.
  • 04 CJ Entertainment division branched off.
  • 01 Changed titles of people within the company.

1999 ~ 1990

  • 09 Introduced free dress code and flexible time system.
  • 01 Completed construction of nucleic acid plant in Indonesia.
  • 11 First in the food industry of Korea to exceed KRW
    2 trillion in sales
  • Entered bakery business field with Tous Les Jours.
    Completed construction of the frozen dough plant.
  • 10 Completed construction of the animal feed plant in the
  • Completed construction of the animal feed plant in Serang, Indonesia.
  • 09 Completed construction of the cosmetics products plant.
  • 04 Completed official and legal separation from Samsung Group.
  • 01 Entered the chicken raising and breeding
    business field.
  • 05 Completed PT.CSI animal feed plant.
  • 11 Established Hong Kong office.
  • 07 Entered the entertainment business field.
  • 05 First in the world to develop pseudomonas vaccine.
  • Entered the group meal service business field.
  • 02 Jointly established Dreamworks SKG with Spielberg and Katzenberg. First Korean company to enter the livestock products market of Indonesia
  • Entered the food service business field.
  • 07 Declared independent management of CJ (spun off of Samsung Group).
  • 06 Commenced operation of the Life Science Research Center.
  • 12 First in food industry of Korea to record KRW 1 trillion in sales.
  • 11 Commenced the life science business.
  • 01 Completed construction of Busan Plant 2 (Dashida, retort products).
  • 03 Completed construction of Daeso Plant (pharmaceutical ingredients and fluids).

1989 ~ 1980

  • 12 Established PT-CSI in Indonesia.
  • 11 Concluded contract for a joint-venture lysine and seasoning plant in Indonesia.
  • 03 Completed construction of the animal feed plant (Gunsan).
  • 05 Commenced beverage business.
  • 11 Completed construction and commenced operation of the pharmaceutical plant (Incheon).
  • 07 Commenced production of Hepaxin-B, the hepatitis vaccine.
  • 05 Developed alpha interferon (Product Name: Alphaferon).
  • 02 Commenced operation of the Yeongdeungpo Plant (commenced flour manufacturing)
  • 01 Developed aspartame and phenylalanine.
  • 06 Established the General Research Center.
  • 11 Succeeded in technological development for mass production of interferon.
  • 12 Completed construction of Icheon Plant 1
    (commenced meat processing business).

1979 ~ 1970

  • 09 Commenced cooking oil business.
  • 03 Completed construction of Incheon Plant 2.
  • 03 Established the Food Research Center.
  • 12 Commenced production of nucleic acid seasoning items.
  • 07 Commenced production of pre-mix items.
  • 11 Commenced ‘Dashida’ production.
  • 11 Commenced animal feed business.
  • 11 Completed construction of Incheon Plant 1.

1969 ~ 1950

  • 02 Completed construction of the Gimpo Plant (seasoning production base).
  • 02 Commenced production of ‘Mipung’.
  • 12 Commenced seasoning manufacturing.
  • 03 First sugar exports
  • 04 Commenced the flour manufacturing business.
  • 11 Completed construction of Busan Plant 1 (the first sugar-processing facility in Korea), commenced sugar manufacturing business.
  • 08 Founding of CheilJedang Co., Ltd. (the first manufacturing business of Samsung Group).