CJ CHEILJEDANG Sustainability Management

Create a New Culture for Healthy, Happy and Convenient Lifestyles ONLYONE CJ

2017 Sustainability Report PDF Download
  • Goals for sustainability management

    CJ CheilJedang will continue its founding philosophy ‘Business Patriotism’ (building
    a stronger nation through business prosperity) to generate both economic and
    social values. The company also creates the best value with its unique OnlyOne
    products and services, thereby contributing to the country and society.

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  • Major areas for sustainability management

    CJ CheilJedang analyzes the rapidly changing business environment and social issues with a
    comprehensive approach. The company listens to the opinions of its stakeholders to select
    major areas for sustainability management, and to contribute to social development.

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  • Social contribution

    CJ CheilJedang carries out social contribution activities in the areas in which
    the company excels and is needed to improve the health and dietary life of the
    people, conserve the ecosystems of local communities, and to help teenagers
    achieve their dreams. These areas are where public attention is needed to
    create a harmonious society.

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  • Downloads

    CJ CheilJedang releases the outcome of sustainability management
    and policies of each field to actively communicate with its stakeholders.

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  • External evaluations

    CJ CheilJedang provides the evaluation results of its sustainability management
    activities conducted by domestic and overseas organizations.

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