CJ CheilJedang Sustainability Management

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  • Goals of Sustainability Management

    Promise to Fulfill Goals of Sustainability Management

    CJ CheilJedang will take a leap toward becoming a company loved
    and recognized by the world by creating a business model
    that pursues both growth and profit for the company while maintaining social values.

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  • CJ CheilJedang CSV

    The Process of Drawing Core Shared Values and Creation Plan

    CJ CheilJedang strives to create competitive social value with core
    business capabilities which is based on CJ's only business method that
    evolved from the founding philosophy 'Saeopboguk'.

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  • SDGs Compass

    Efforts to Fulfill Sustainable Development Goals

    CJ CheilJedang strives to achieve SDGs through its systematic social
    value-based management, and we will reach the goals of the entire
    world by cooperating with global partners.

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  • Analysis of Core Issues

    Analysis of Core Stakeholders and Issues

    CJ CheilJedang undergoes a materiality test that comprehensively
    identifies the business environment with internal and external
    stakeholders to select the core issues and cover it by reporting.

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  • External Assessment

    External Recognition on Sustainability Management

    Listed in Asia-Pacific Dow Jones Sustainability™ Indices
    Ranked 'Excellent' lever in Win-Win Index

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