CJ CheilJedang Sustainability Management

Social contribution

CJ CheilJedang carries out social contribution activities in the areas in which the company
excels and is needed to improve the health and dietary life of the people, conserve
the ecosystems of local communities, and to help teenagers achieve their dreams.
These areas are where public attention is needed to create a harmonious society.

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Social Contribution Strategies

CJ CheilJedang carries out a wide range of strategic social contribution activities to share what it has with local communities based on its shared values. In 1999, the company organized a social contribution department for the first time in the industry, and conducted relevant activities in the fields where CJ CheilJedang excels and upon which the company needs to focus. In 1998, the company first participated in the Food Bank project, and it has been engaged in various activities ranging from those using the characteristics of the company’s business to those in which its stakeholders can participate together. The CJ Welfare Foundation was established in 2005 to support the dreams of children and teenagers from underprivileged households. In 2006, the CJ Cultural Foundation was organized to support the development of fostering talents for cultural development, and the foundation has initiated various sharing activities.

Social Contribution Areas

CJ CheilJedang carries out social contribution activities in the areas where the company excels and where continuous social interest is needed, to enhance people’s health and dietary lives, preserve the environmental ecosystem of local communities, and help teenagers to achieve their dreams, thereby creating a harmonious society.

Social Contribution Strategies
  1. Management philosophy
  2. Areas of commitment
  3. Major challenges
    • Enhance people's health and dietary life
      Nutritous products
      Prevention of meal-skipping among children
      Food safety
    • Preserve the environmental ecosystem of local communities
      Protection of resources
      Prevention of environmental diseases
      Environmental Cleanup Acticities
    • Support teenagers to achieve their dreams
      Provision of education opportunities
      Emotional support

* Hoam: Pen name of Lee Byung-chul, founder and former Chairman

Major Areas for Activities

Enhance People’s Health and Dietary Life

CJ CheilJedang utilizes its core capacity in food safety and nutrition, providing meals to the vulnerable population and contributing to a healthy dietary life in order to improve the health of the people in Korea.

Products to Promote the Healthy Dietary Life

CJ CheilJedang develops and launches products for people’s health and for rare-disease patients, fulfilling its social responsibility by utilizing the characteristics of its business.

Food Sharing Activities for the Vulnerable Population

Food Sharing in Cooperation with Food Bank

The Food Bank project is a major social contribution program that CJ CheilJedang has participated in for the past two decades. In 2017, the company donated 20,500 gift packages, each of which can be used by a family of four for three months.

Food Safety Capacity-building Activities for Stakeholders

Food Safety Education by the Mutual Cooperation Center for Food Safety for Human Resource Development

CJ CheilJedang carried out a new form of win-win activities with the Mutual Cooperation Center for Food Safety, the first food-safety-related non-profit corporation in the country. We provide customized consulting services and education programs about food safety regulations for suppliers as well as ordinary SMEs in the food industry.

Respresent image of Sustainable Social Development

Preserve the Environmental Ecosystem of Local Communities

CJ CheilJedang conserves the environmental ecosystem of local communities through activities to protect resources and prevent environmental diseases.

Environmental Cleanup Activities to Protect Local Resources

Cleanup Activities around Business Sites

CJ CheilJedang carries out cleaning activities near our business sites, including Gyeryong Mt. in Daejeon, Banya Mt. in Nonsan, Dadaepo Beach, and Anyang Stream, in the system where one company or plant takes charge of one stream, mountain or beach. A total of 533 employees participated in cleaning activities in 2017, reaching 1,343 accumulated hours of participation.

Prevent Environment Related Disease

Good-bye Atopy Camp

Since 2016, CJ CheilJedang has sponsored the Good-bye Atopy Camp, where preschool children who suffer from atopic dermatitis, a type of environmental disease, can participate with their family. The company also provides BYO skin lactobacillus products and recipes with which customers can enjoy the products better. In addition, the experts who developed such products deliver lectures on atopy to provide accurate information and therapy tips, thereby helping atopic dermatitis patients to recover their health.

image of Good-bye Atopy Camp

Support Teenagers to Achieve their Dreams

CJ CheilJedang helps teenagers to achieve their dreams, based on its philosophy that the company must serve as a guide for youth to achieve their dreams.

CJ Donors Camp – Provision of Education Opportunities and Emotional Support

Under the slogan of ‘Equal opportunity & Healthy growth’, we run the CJ Donors Camp to support community children welfare centers. In 2017, we visited a community children’s center in Gangseo-gu to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving Day, and made traditional food with children. A total of 801 employees participated in this regular voluntary program, promoting the value of sharing.

Metier - Let's Turn on Campaign

The flavoring ingredient specialty brand Metier supports the unprivileged to achieve their common dream of becoming a barista. New menu development consulting and special barista-training programs are conducted with talent donations by baristas of the company, targeting adolescents who dropped out of school.

picture of Local children's center child who acts in CJ Donor's camp picture of Metier 'Let's turn on' campaign activity