CJ CheilJedang Sustainability Management

CJ CheilJedang CSV

The Process of Drawing Core Shared Values and Creation Plan

CJ CheilJedang strives to create competitive social value with core
business capabilities which is based on CJ's only business method that
evolved from the founding philosophy 'Saeopboguk'.

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CJ’s CSV Proclamation

CJ CheilJedang’s CSV is about how CJ Group operates its business, the newly-defined method that evolved from the founding philosophy Saeopboguk (building a stronger nation through business prosperity) to meet the demand of the time. It is aimed to tap into the company’s core talents and create new social values, achieving sustainable growth with society.
Upholding CJ’s CSV Proclamation in 2013, CJ CheilJedang develops social-value-based management further, while creating differentiated, shared values for countries and local communities where CJ operates its business. * CSV : Creating Shared Value

CJ’s Commitment to Creating Shared Value (CSV)
CJ’s Commitment to Creating Shared Value (CSV)
  • 하나, CJ는 우리가 가장 잘 할 수 있고 사회적 관심이 필요한 영역에서 CSV를 실천하겠습니다.
  • 하나, CJ는 청소년들이 꿈을 키워나가서 실현할 수 있도록 전 임직원이 함께 지원하겠습니다.
  • 하나, CJ는 청년, 여성, 고령자 등 사회적 고용 취약 계층의 일자리 창출에 적극 앞장 서겠습니다.
  • 하나, CJ는 협력업체와의 공정한 역할분담을 통해 상생할 수 있는 산업 생태계를 조성해 나가겠습니다.
  • 하나, 우리가 진출한 국가와 지역사회에 기여하여 해외에서도 사업보국을 실천하겠습니다.

CSV Management System

CSV is the most fundamental management principle of CJ CheilJedang in achieving the companywide vision and mission. We aim to create new shared values, including a win-win with society, sustainable environment, and health and well-being, based upon compliance (legal compliance, ethical management, safety management), thereby fulfilling our role in contributing to the nation and society as “a global lifestyle company creating healthy, happy and convenient lifestyles.”

  • Compliance
    • Legal Compliance
    • Ethical Management
    • Safety Management
  • Core Shared Values
    • Win-Win with the Society
    • Sustainable Environment
    • Health and Well-being
  • Vision

    A global lifestyle company creating healthy, happy and convenient lifestyles

CSV Organizations and Operation

CJ CheilJedang operates the CSV management team as part of the CSV organization of CJ Group for CSV projects and social contribution activities in its scope of business. Under the decision-making body and the advisory board of CJ Group, we conduct projects in connection with the Group’s medium and long-term CSV strategies to pursue systematic and effective CSV activities. We also undergo a self-feedback rocess to examine sustainable effectiveness and improve the projects.

Core Shared Values

CJ CheilJedang creates not only economic gains but also differentiated shared values through continued challenges and innovations. Focusing on social values (‘the win-win with the society’, ‘sustainable environment’, and ‘health and well-being’), we will build the industrial ecosystem for shared growth where a variety of future food industries can be fostered, contributing to creating a healthy society.

Process to Draw Core Shared Values

To establish its own CSV, CJ CheilJedang evaluates the significance of social and environmental values from the medium and long-term perspectives, and examines the relevance to its core business capabilities, viability, and social impact. Based on the evaluation, the company decides in which business sector it can excel, and accordingly makes plans and carries out related projects to maximize the effect of shared values.

  • Social and Environmental Values
    • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
    • Factors for the evaluation of sustainability management
    • Social and environmental issues
  • Relevance to Business
    • Core R&D capacity
    • Examination of the medium and long-term strategies in each business division
  • Readiness
    • Evaluation of retained competence and the viability of projects
  • Social Impact
    • Consideration of the potential impact of social values to be created
Drawing Shared Values (CSV)

Measures to Create Shared Values

When it comes to moving into overseas markets, CJ CheilJedang prioritizes the win-win growth with local communities and the creation of social values first. Of course, the company strives to build a positive reputation in the global market. We will gradually expand our CSV projects and become a global lifestyle company that exerts its core business capabilities to resolve social issues.

  • Win-Win with the Society Measures for Creating Values

    We provide support for improving the capacity of the domestic and overseas supply chain, thereby creating the industrial ecosystem for shared growth.

    Major Challenges
    • Support our suppliers in the supply chain to enhance their capacity
    • Provide SME suppliers with opportunities for growth and carry out “Jeulgeoun Donghang (Happy Companion)” activities to reinforce our business portfolio
    • Facilitate the shared growth with farmers by developing differentiated seeds and stabilizing contract cultivation
  • Sustainable Environment Measures for Creating Values

    We minimize the environmental impact of all production activities, contributing to the sustainable environment of the planet.

    Major Challenges
    • Develop eco-friendly products
    • Develop eco-friendly processes and new energy sources
    • Enhance the efficiency of energy use, manage water resources and reduce GHG emissions
  • Health and Well-being Measures for Creating Values

    We create healthy society by providing ONLYONE products and services.

    Major Challenges
    • Develop new products with consideration for the health of customers, including low-protein rice and functional sweeteners
    • Secure food safety and build trust with our customers

CSV Value Chain

CJ CheilJedang exerts efforts to create shared values over the entire process from seeds and raw materials to end users, for the purpose of providing healthy food to our customers. Based upon its primary management activities, the company pursues the growth of farms, the win-win growth with SME suppliers, and the health of customers at the same time, creating new values on its own.

CJ CheilJedang
  • Farms
    • Disseminate differentiated seeds
    • Provide technical training for cultivation
    • Provide the stable environment for farms through contract cultivation
  • Small and Mediem-Sized Suppliers
    • Conduct programs to support shared growth with SME suppliers (for R&D, marketing, design, financing, and distribution channels)
    • Carry out intensive education programs for food safety (support for the analysis expenses of food safety education and visiting consulting programs)
  • Research Institutes
    • Develop products with consideration for the health of customers
    • Develop eco-friendly products and improve production methods
  • Customers
    • Launch products and improve quality by actively communicating with customers
    • Provide foodstuff that enhance the balanced diet and health of customers

Farms and Local Community

We expand the added-value of agriculture by strengthening the competitiveness of farms and developing customized seeds. We identify what agricultural commodities companies want and improve the quality of products through continued R&D efforts. We also expand contract cultivation to guarantee the income source of farms and secure raw materials for processed food in a stable way, increasing the competitiveness of the food market in the future.

Small and Medium-Sized Suppliers

As the top general food company in Korea, CJ CheilJedang provides technology and know-how instruction to SME suppliers to create a healthy ecosystem in the food industry. The company also lays the groundwork for improving the capacity of these supplier, including support for innovating the management system and stepping into overseas markets, thereby strengthening the sustainability of the companies.

The Han No.1 Kimchi Cabbage Farm, CJ Partners Club