Global Products


  • Beksul sugar

    White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar

    Beksul Sugar consists of refined sugars which are made from sugar cane and sugar beet.

  • Beksul Xylose Sugar

    Xylose sugar, Brown Xylose sugar

    Beksul Xylose sugar has the same level of sweetness as regular sugar, but contains Xylose which inhibits sugar absorption to the human body.
    Xylose, originated from nature, helps the body to absorb less sugar by restraining the absorption of sucrose.

  • Beksul Coffee Sugar

    Coffee Sugar, Stick Sugar, Sugar Cubes, Brown Sugar Cubes

    Beksul Coffee Sugar is highly pure since it is crystallized in to a diamond shape over 15 days. As it melts into the coffee, you can enjoy a deep, delicate, and sweet flavor that lends to the coffee.

  • Beksul Organic Sugar

    Organic White Sugar, Organic Brown Sugar

    Beksul Organic Sugars are made from 100% organic sugar cane from certified organic farms which are pesticide-free and synthesized pesticide-free.

  • Beksul Fine Sweet & Free Sweet

    FineSweet, FreeSweet

    Beksul Fine Sweet is a low calorie sweetener which delivers the same level of sweetness with only 1/5 the amount of sugar. This is made with 99.5% of fructose which is lower in Glycemic Index(GI:19). This can be used for all types of food as a sugar substitute.

  • Beksul Liquid type of Sweeteners

    Xylose sugar, Cooking syrups, Corn Starch Syrup, Sweet Rice Cooking Syrup, Oligo-cornstarch Syrup, Oligo Syrup, GwangYang Plum Sweet syrup

    Beksul Fructo-Oligosaccharide is a healthy product which contains 33% of dietary fiber which helps the digestive system and is lower in calories.
    With a variety of liquid sweeteners, you can add viscosity and glaze to your food.


  • Beksul Flour

    All-purpose Flour, Soft Flour, Bread Flour, Wheat flour,  Flour for Korean Pancake

    Beksul Flour guarantees high quality flour as Beksul has been milling flour over 50 years. For your health, we also have certified-organic flour.

  • Beksul Korean Pancake Mix

    Korean Pancake Mix, Natural Ingredient Korean Pancake Mix, Crispy Korean Pancake Mix. Korean Wheat Korean Pancake Mix, Organic Korean Pancake Mix

    Beksul’s pre-mixed powder with various ingredients such as green onions, garlic and pepper enables us to enjoy the best Korean style pancake without additional seasoning.

  • Beksul Frying Mix

    Frying  Mix, Natural Ingredient Frying  Mix, Korean Crispy Frying Mix, Korean Wheat Frying  Mix, Organic Frying Mix

    The Beksul frying mix contains a variety of ingredients well matched with deep-frying dishes.

  • Beksul Premix for Cooking

    Mung Bean Korean Pancake Mix, Chicken Frying Mix, Bread Crumbs, Potato Wheat Flakes Soup

    It helps you to cook special dishes such as potato wheat flakes soup and chicken fries which are too sophisticated to cook at home.

  • Beksul Premix for Bakery

    Brownie  Mix, Sweet Korean Pancake Mix, Pancake  Mix, Sesame Tapioca Bread Mix, Ice cream Mix

    With Beksul’s excellence in premix techniques and know-how from Tour le Jours, one of the best bakeries in Korea, you can enjoy bakery products such as brownies and pancakes. It’s like what is served in restaurants.

Cooking Oils/Sesame Oils

  • Beksul Soybean Oil

    Soy bean oil, Corn oil, Deep-frying oil

    Beksul soybean oil, made in Korea, can be used for many different types of cooking such as deep-frying, pan-frying, and stir-frying. It goes well with Korean dishes since it is made with 100% soybean.

  • High Quality Cooking Oil

    Oilve oil, Grape seed oil, Canola oil, Rice-bran oil, Sunflower oil

    Beksul High quality cooking oils contain non-saturated fatty acids which are healthy. These cooking oils can enrich the taste of dishes.

  • Sesame Oil

    Beksul dark sesame oil, Beksul gold sesame oil, Beksul black sesame oil

    Beksul sesame oils are made with the finest ingredients. CJ CheilJedang’s strict standards in manufacturing products enable our customers to enjoy a rich and deep flavor.

  • Premium Cooking Oils

    Bordeaux-Cognac Grape seed oil, High - Oleic Sunflower oil, Andallucia Oilve oil

    CJ CheilJedang has various types of premium cooking oils. They are all very rich in their own flavor, aroma, and taste. All the products are made from ingredients which are strictly selected from Europe.