CEO Message

We are the leader of the food ingredient industries in Korea.

Food ingredients refer to all the raw and supplementary materials such as sugar, flour, and cooking oils. Food ingredient industries involve a large quantity of ingredients and large scale control processes.

CJ CheilJedang debuted as a sugar manufacturer back in 1953, amidst the Korean war, and continuously developed its business to produce various products such as flour cooking oils to improve the dietary life of the nation.

Currently CJ CheilJedang is the No.1 food ingredient company in the Korean domestic market.

Nonetheless, rather than being content with the current position, CJ CheilJedang continuously pursues for the best value and services. CJ R&D center constantly develops differentiated technologies for added value and innovative products to improve Korean food culture and dietary life. CJ CheilJedang has expanded from the basic necessities of food ingredients to functional ingredients such as functional sweeteners, specialty oils, pre-mixes, rice processed products, fermented soybean meal, and other value added innovative ingredients.

CJ CheilJedang will work continuously to nurture the distinctive ONLY ONE technology to thrive in the global food ingredient industry.
CJ CheilJedang highly appreciates the support from our customers.

Thank you very much.

Executive Vice President of Food Ingredient BU Kim Jin-Hyun


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