About our Business

CJ CheilJedang started out as a sugar manufacturer in 1953 amidst the ruins of the war, and thereafter has continuously produced a variety of food ingredient products, such as flour and cooking oil, that has allowed it to improve the dietary life of the nation and to lead the food industry of Korea. Since the food ingredient industry involves large quantities of ingredients with large scaled processes, our long-term research of distinctive technology accrued CJ CheilJedang to lead the food industry.

CJ CheilJedang’s Food Ingredient Business Unit achieved following results from each field of area.

Sweetener Business diversified product groups from sugar to oligosaccharide and café syrup, and expanded its business to functional sweetener products such as Xylose sugar, which decreases the absorption of sugar in the body, and Tagatose sugar, which regulates blood glucose, in order to stand as the global No.1 sweetener company.

Flour Business is based on milling flour manufacturing where it also diversified to pre-mix products, such as muffin mix and ice-cream mix, spreading the ‘homemade’ culture to consumers. And aAlso, we launched ‘Bu-chim(Korean pancake mix)’ mix’ that suits for pan-frying foods with all natural ingredients to satisfy consumers’ needs of health. Furthermore, we also launched the Korean wheat flour using the mills originated from Korea to protect and develop Korean wheat farms.

Last the not least, Oil business is another field where CJ CheilJedang has been launching premium products such as olive oil, grape seed oil, canola oil and rice brain oil in the cooking oil market whichto take over the MS of soybean oil. In addition, CJ introduced the exclusive cooking oils that are highly customized and differentiated for each franchise in the B2B market. Using our own enzymatic system, we developed confectionery fat and fermented soybean meal for feed to expand the oil business area.

Rather than being content of No. 1 in the domestic market, Food Ingredients Business Unit has expanded to China with pre-mix products, to Vietnam with flour business and to plantation field of agriculture for the future resources that will lead us to become one of the Asian Top food ingredient corporations.