R&D Center


The Food Ingredients R&D Center has been developing ONLY ONE food & feed ingredients, and a variety of applications that are leading the market.
The Food Ingredients R&D Center is equipped with an organic system of top-level research personnel and modern facilities dedicated to studying ingredients in various areas from traditional materials (sugar, wheat flour and oils) to materials using new technology (functional sweeteners, specialty fats, grain ingredients, enzyme and modified starch).
The Food Ingredients R&D Center fulfills research and development activities with the goal of providing healthier, tastier and more economical products to customers.

Field of Research

Investigation into microorganisms and enzymes, enzyme/reaction process techniques, solid fermentation techniques and continued investigation of new business ideas.
Ingredient application techniques, product development, and solutions for customers’ unique needs.

Field of Research and Development

Sweeteners : Sugar, Oligosaccharides, Sweeteners for Café, Functional sweeteners (Xylose, Tagatose etc.)
Oils and Fats : Cooking oils (Soybean oil, Canola oil etc.), Blended oils (Customized oils), Specialty fats (for Chocolates), and Functional fats
Starch : Tapioca modified starch
Flour/Pre-mix : Wheat flour, Pre-mix (Bakery, Batter, Dessert mix etc.)
Grain based ingredients : Fermented soybean meal, Fishmeal replacement etc.
Enzyme Synergy : Hunt/Improve novel strains, Trans-glycosylation technique, Industrialize Enzyme/Microorganism processes

Research Activities

Basic Research

We improve our techniques through research activities including the development of enzymes & micro-organisms (application of enzyme and fermentation process), separation and purification of materials, and study of nutritional and physiological functions.
Perform basic research for studying character and function of food/feed materials and realizing better quality.

Product Development

Tagatose, which is based on our core technology, Enzymatic system

Fat for chocolates, which is applied to advanced separation and inter-esterification techniques (POS rich fat)

Novel functional feed ingredients (fermented soybean meal) and Fishmeal Replacement which are applied to solid fermentation techniques

Healthier product Flour for frying, processed minimally

More convenient products Pancakes (Chinese pancake) cooked using frying pans at home, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and brownies easily made by using microwave-ovens

Differentiated quality Wheat flour for improving crispy taste (WHT), flour for baking with soft and more voluminous texture (Sorting technique)


We also develop application products of new materials, such as Tagatose, CBL and also assist customers to develop new solutions.
By application technique, the Food Ingredients Research and Development Center is developing differentiated products, such as sweeteners for café, pre-mix, customized flour & oil, etc. that satisfy the diverse needs of customers.