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bibigo, Made with CJ’s passion for Korean food over 60 years.

In 1953, CJ made sugar for the first time in Korean history and became the representative company for Korean food by advancing the country’s food culture. That same company created Korean food brand bibigo by integrating the knowledge and profound understanding of Korean food. First introduced in 2010, bibigo is the fruit of CJ’s passion for Korean food that embodies the company’s continuous pride for over 60 years.‘bibigo’ – the word ‘bibim’ from bibimbap combined with ‘to-go’ that exhibits modern day convenience - presents healthy and convenient Korean food to be enjoyed anywhere in the world. CNN introduced bibigo as the leader of the next generation Korean wave, and bibigo is - receiving the spotlight as a symbol of trending healthy Korean food culture.

bibigo, Bringing delight to tables around the world

bibigo products are widely loved for convenient and easy-to-enjoy meals, and they are bringing delightful changes to tables around the world. Created by the top-level researchers in Korea using the latest technology from CJ CheilJedang’s Food Institute, bibigo’s most famous mandu (dumplings), yangnyeomjang (marinades), jeontongjang (traditional sauces), bap (instant rice), kimchi and gim (seaweeds) have become one of the most popular Korean foods loved by everyone worldwide. bibigo’s most recently launched mandu (dumplings) have been especially popular in the U.S. and China, further promoting the value and taste of Korean food. Furthermore, bibigo entered the Middle Eastern market and developed a new Halal-appropriate menu. bibigo has a wide range of products that are fitting for each country, for a total of 56 countries around the world.

Annie Chun’s is the leading producer of gourmet Pan-Asian foods dedicated to providing consumers with simple, convenient meal solutions that help take the mystery out of Asian cooking and inspire consumers to become confident in the kitchen. The complete line of innovative, premium goods provide a variety of vegan, vegetarian, organic and gluten-free options, offering choices for consumers with dietary restrictions or preferences.

CJ Food China finally rolled out “鷄精, the Chicken Dasida in November, 2006 after many years of research and development that took into consideration the long and broad history of the Chinese food culture. With the release of this product, Dasida, the representative brand of CJ, entered the Chinese market. Dasida 鷄精” attracted great interest among Chinese consumers from the moment it appeared on the market and has been expanding its hold very rapidly, as attested by its winning “The China International Taste Enhancer and Raw Food Materials Exhibition Gold Award” for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009, a feat attributed to its superior quality. CJ approached the Chinese customers with the strategy of “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and concentrated on distributing samples and displaying the products in superstores and at interesting site events such as fixed food demonstrations. Salespeople put on their CJ uniforms and advertised the CJ motto from the early hours of the morning while opening up new restaurants in wholesale markets. After returning to the mindset of a true beginner and having made efforts over a long period of time, “Dasida 鷄精” has shown a 40% annual growth rate and is now ranked clearly in the second place in the Beijing retail market with 35% of the market share. CJ Retort Curry is also continuously growing and has 50% of the market share for the Beijing market which accounts for its No.1 product position. Our most recent product in the “ONLY ONE” line is a Seasoned Marinade that has boasted double growth every year. This is yet another achievement that CJ has made in the Chinese market where countless global businesses are competing intensely.

CheilJedang entered the Chinese Tofu market in 2007, in collaboration with Ershang Group, the largest food company in the Beijing area. Although White Jade was just CJ’s low-priced Tofu at that time in China, the pro-active management of CJ transformed White Jade into the current epoch-making product that has consistently good taste. The packaging and the design have been renewed since. Now, White Jade has 70% of the soybean product market in the Beijing area. The success of White Jade Tofu led it to become the strongest soybean company in the Beijing area. Packaged sprouts, Mung bean soymilk, Premium soft Tofu, and Northern Chinese style sea water Tofu first appeared in 2009. The tofu products that appeared in the market and the pro-active packaging offer consumers great value in terms of taste and health, and the company is consolidating its position as the best soybean company in China.