R&D Center

Implementing the principle of ‘business serving the country’

The Food R&D Center is carrying out the philosophy of ‘business in the service of the country’ by conducting a number of government projects, such as studying ways to increase rice consumption, studying the traditional fermented foods, finding functional materials, and researching the development of products for the high value-added agricultural food industries.

The Food R&D Center creates the ONLY ONE products that lead the market

Established in 1978m the Food R&D Center operates an organic system of Korea’s top-level research personnel and ultra-modern facilities, and is dedicated to the study of fundamental technologies in diverse areas and to the development of new products. By continuously developing healthier, tastier, more convenient and safe products that reflect trends in the palates of consumers, the Food R&D Center is creating a new food and living culture for Korea, with ONLY ONE products that continue to take the market by surprise.

Globalization on the heels of securing in-depth source technology

To find new markets and to lead old ones, the Food R&D Center is engaging in dynamic and open R&D activities to secure its core strengths and source technology, strengthening its global presence and competitiveness.

Research Fields

Processed foods

Hetbahn/porridge, well-being snacks, Dasida (Sandeurae), fermented pastes, Kimchi, bean sprouts, side dishes, refrigerated products including dumplings, fish/crab cakes, ham/sausage/bacon, desserts, noodles, sauces, cup retort products, tofu

Health foods

Ingredients with accredited health functions, diet foods (Fat Down), functional products using Ginseng (Hanbburi), etc.

New technologies for future growth

Researching probiotics, new sterilization/drying technology, etc.

Latest Hit Products

Sandrae, HetBahn, Haechandle Doenjang/ Gochujang, The Healthy Ham/Fishcake, Petitzel, Happy Soy Tofu, InnerB, Fat Down (weight control), Hanbburi and Condition, HutGaeSu, Hasunjung Kimchi, Gatsuo Udon etc.

Intellectual Property

  • Patents: Approximately 400 applications and 200 registrations
  • Foods with accredited health functions: 23 products