CJ CheilJedang leads the development of healthy and
convenient food products and globalization of K-Food

Food R&D Center leading cultural trends with OnlyOne products

Established in 1978, the Food R&D Center has an integrated system from the research of fundamental technologies to the commercialization in various food sectors with the nation’s leading research personnel and state-of-the-art facilities. The system helps us to create OnlyOne new products that always impress the market by continuously developing healthy, tasty, convenient, and safe products that reflect the consumer trend.

Leading K-Food globalization based on core technology

CJ CheilJedang is expanding its presence in the world market with the healthy, convenient, and tasty K-Food products with the goal of globalizing Korean food based on competitive new technologies. We strive to reach out to consumers around the world with our wide range of differentiated, OnlyOne products by building local production bases and expanding its overseas network to distribute Korean food culture.

Areas of R&D

  • Processed food

    Hetbahn/Hetbahn Cup Rice, bibigo dumpling, HMR bibigo Korean food, HMR Gourmet food, cooked meat, Dasida, soy-based sauce, kimchi, noodles, sauce, seafood, and Petitzel dessert.

  • Ingredients

    Saccharide (sugar, oligosaccharide, sweetener materials for cafe, and functional sweeteners Alulous and Tagatose), oils (soybean oil, canola oil, healthy oil, and customized oil), flour/premix, and life materials.

  • Health food

    BYO lactic acid bacteria for skin and lactic acid bacteria for intestines, ginseng (Hanppuri), and H.O.P.E. Health function evaluation.

  • Discovery and research of new technologies for future growth

    Selection of useful functional strains, development of potential food varieties for future food resources, development of differentiated food materials, etc.