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断奶宝1号 is the representative brand for swine feed for diarrhea prevention in weaning pigs and immigrant pigs. This product was developed to provide customers who are concerned with the problems that affect piglets such as dilute feces and diarrhea which can result in death. It contains functional cellulose and conjugated amino acids that make piglets feel full and is therefore effective in preventing diarrhea that is caused by over-feeding. It contains far more conjugated amino acids than competitive products of other companies and it helps them to grow fast. 断奶宝1号 also contains immune-boosting components that improve immunity and disease resistance and that is why it highly attractive to Chinese customers.


Master is the Chinese brand for dairy feed. Master contributes to increasing the profits for its consumers because it boosts the immune systems of cows and maximizes milk production. Master employs OFOSS (Optimal Fermentation Organic Compound Supply System) to synchronize the decomposition rate of carbohydrates and proteins in the ruminant stomach and this prevents acidosis caused by a difference in nutrient decomposition rates. It also helps to stabilize MUN and efficiently improves birth performance by maximizing the influence that feed nutrients have on the productivity. Master especially promotes enzyme secretion of microorganisms in the ruminant stomach, which maximizes the usability of roughage and induces the dairy cattle to lactate early and to intake the maximum amount of dry feed.


Master is the representative feed brand of CJ VINA, the Vietnam subsidiary of CJ CheilJedang. Master has successfully positioned itself in the market for high-priced and high-quality feed, a strategy that it has maintained in Vietnam since the year 2000 when it was established. Master has been minimizing the changes in mix proportion and has placed its top priority on quality. The Master range caters to with all kinds of domestic animals including swine, oviposition, chicken bred for their meat, duck, shrimp, and fish. As a top brand in Vietnam, CJ Feed competes with the world class big feed corporations including CP and Cargill. To maintain brand quality, Master consistently offers uncompromised optimal digestibility and enhanced nutrient specifications. We spare no efforts in putting effort and money into the design of the manufacturing process. Additionally, we increased pellet strength and minimized powder formation. We are acclaimed by Vietnam customers for our quality.

MuscleMax (The Philippines)

CJ MuscleMax is the representative feed brand of CJ Philippines. As a premium class swine-raising feed brand, it is aimed at customers looking for maximum productivity and the highest profitability. MuscleMax helps optimize amino acids, provide a large supply of energy, and increase digestibility to achieve a high growth rate and body weight gain. It is designed to make high muscle content and excellent body conformation by the addition of organic lyn. As such, CJ MuscleMax is acclaimed in the Philippines for the immune-boosting materials it contains and for the disease control technology used during its manufacturing process.

GM (Indonesia)

In order to further the development of breeding technology used to raise chicken for their meat, it is necessary that the proper nutrients be provided and that the feeding program be applied to making production highly efficient. GM Series is the chicken feed of CJ Feed Indonesia for meat chicken. The GM Series was developed in order to maximize the productivity of chicken raised for their meat. GM Series is employed in a 3-phase feeding program. This product features the three points of GM-PS, GM-1C, and GM-1P. GM-PS uses the appropriate particle size and reinforces the immunity to help promote maximization of initial weight and decrease in the death rate. Secondly, GM-1C takes into consideration the ideal amino acid balance to promote an increase in the quality of slaughtered chickens raised for their meat. Finally, GM-1P uses reinforced pellet appearance control to contribute to improving the late feed requirement rate (GM-1P).