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Lysine is an essential amino acid which is critical to animal growth. Its concentration in general animal feed is lower than required, making it the first or second limiting amino acid that is depleted. Lysine is also known for its immunity-boosting performance in hog or poultry raising feed, and when it is added to these feeds, it helps achieve nutritional balance. It provides the feed with the proper quantity of amino acids to reduce the ammonia excretions caused by an oversupply of proteins, thus benefiting the environment. As such, the lysine used by CJ CheilJedang is produced by microorganism fermentation which is a natural resource. This lysine promotes the growth of livestock, reduces the costs for the livestock industry, and conserves the environment.


Threonine is the second or third most rapidly depleted essential amino acid after lysine in animals. It helps maintain an adequate protein composition that promotes sound animal growth, and is involved in antibody creation that enhances the performance of the cardiovascular, digestive, central nervous, and immune systems. The threonine of CJ CheilJedang is produced by a fermentation process and contributes to promoting the growth of livestock, livestock industry cost reduction, and environmental conservation.


Tryptophan is the third most rapidly depleted amino acid in chicken following lysine and threonine. Tryptophan boosts the immune system by maintaining an internal protein balance that induces normal growth, and promotes antibody creation. As a precursor of serotonin, this neurotransmitter also reduces animal aggressiveness as has been reported in the research. Along with lysine and threonine, CJ CheilJedang produces Tryptophan and is committed to promoting the growth of livestock, reducing expenses for the livestock industry, and conserving the environment.


Methionine is an important methyl-group donor for most biological methylation reactions. Methionine plays a key role in maintaining protein function and overall redox status. In addition, Methionine serves as a precursor for cysteine, glutathione and taurine, which are important cellular antioxidants (Brosnan and Brosnan, 2006). The other functional role of methionine is promotion of gut development, especially in rapidly growing young animals. Methionine can exist in either the L or D form, called enantiomers, which are mirror images of each other. Chemically, there is no difference between the L and D forms, but enzymes are specific to the three-dimensional configurations. Only the L isomer is incorporated directly into naturally occurring proteins. CJ L-Methionine delivers the only bio-fermented commercial L isomer.


Biotector® is a first in the world in the area of alternative antibiotic feed additives. Biotector® was developed with the application of bacteriophages which selectively destroy specific pathogenic bacteria. The Biotechnology Research Institute at CJ CheilJedang developed Biotector® with its own high technology in order to prevent animal products from developing a tolerance after being exposed to the antibiotics, with the goal of securing safe foods and increasing the income of agricultural households. The Institute acquired the world’s first certificate for Biotector® as a feed additive in May 2009. The phage in question selectively destroys Salmonella gallinarum and Salmonella pullorum, which cause fowl typhoid and pullorum disease. The phage exerts no influence on normal intestinal microbial flora, but efficiently blocks fowl typhoid and pullorum disease among breeding hens, laying hens and broilers. Biotector® controls Salmonella infection of poultry and eggs in order to supply healthy, safe food to consumers.


CJ PROSIN is a deep brown powder coming from the recovery of the microorganism cells which produce L-Lysine by fermentation of agricultural substrates containing sugar etc. It can be a good substitution of conventional protein sources, such as SBM, Fishmeal etc. CJ PROSIN provides a stable protein source and gives our customers the chance to reduce costs.


CJ PROTIDE is an economical functional nutrient made of nucleic acids, with applications in in aquaculture, shrimp and livestock. Basically, supplementation of CJ PROTIDE gives significant effects on growth performance. Furthermore, it derives from the production process of IMP, which is a food grade flavor enhancer, and helps to increase palatability. Also it promotes immune system development, so that the animals have greater resistance to diseases.


Followed by MSG, nucleotide is another key component to enhance flavor and taste of the food and can be divided into two types; IMP (Inosine monophosphate) and GMP (Guanosine monophosphate). A trace of nucleotide naturally occurs in beef, mushroom, fish and other raw ingredients . Thus, the food industry uses commercially produced nucleotide made with microbial fermentation. Processed foods usually contain both MSG and nucleotide, because when the two of them are applied together, they bring synergy to maximize the savory taste. When nucleotide is applied, it generally enriches the taste, but the two types, IMP and GMP, have a distinctive effect. IMP enhances the salty taste, which is used as a salt replacer, and GMP enhances the fatty and meaty taste, which is applied as a fat replacer. Furthermore, other than their role as a flavor enhancer, the nucleotides are applied in many other non-food industries due to their nutritional physiology benefits.


Glutamate is the main flavor content that contributes a savory and rich taste to food. Glutamate can be naturally found in raw ingredients or various foods such as Kombu seaweed , tomatoes, cheese, soy sauce and more. This glutamate has been commercially produced as MSG (Mono sodium glutamate) using microbial fermentation. It has been one of the representatives of CJ CheilJedang’s products and has been sold to global food companies for fifty years. With a hint of MSG, savory and rich tastes are easily enhanced. Thus, it is most commonly and widely used in condiments, instant noodles, sauces, snacks, meat products, fish products and other seasoned processed food.


Arginine is the only amino acid that creates NO (nitric oxide), a neurotransmitter that controls the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels. Due to such physiological characteristics, arginine is capable of vasodilation, muscle enhancement and energy increase. Recently, arginine was found to be exceptional in treating and alleviating sensitive teeth. In addition, usage in hair and skincare products has been increasing due to its strong moisturizing effects. Arginine is being studied to discover new functions in nutraceutical and living goods.