CEO Message

CJ BIO, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang, is a leading global bio ingredients supplier of feed and food additives.

Our vision reflects our commitment to providing high quality and safe products: amino acids for animal nutrition, and MSG and nucleotides for savory foods, allowing our global customers to maintain healthier and better lives. We have made concentrated investments to open new plants in numerous global locations.
Success in the production of challenging products such as BIO L-Methionine through a unique fermentation process is a foot print representing where CJ BIO stands as a global leader in the amino acids industry. Those efforts will bring us closer to our customers, and also maintain the competitive edge in the amino acids and nucleotides industry.

Our success continues to be built on R&D research and advanced technology, which enables us to develop innovative products such as BIOTECTOR, an antibiotic feed additive. We will make a leap forward to green bio businesses with steps such as producing bio chemicals based on bio technology competencies, in order to provide sustainable solutions for the world's needs for plastics and chemicals. Furthermore, we will also be dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies to secure the cost-competitiveness of sugar, derived from various non-edible natural sources as raw materials for fermentation.

The movement based on our philosophy will provide care for the environment and people by offering environmentally friendly solutions. Furthermore, breakthrough technology and innovative concepts will create essential and sustainable values for the customers and stakeholders to make our future brighter.

Executive Vice President of Bio BU Jeong Tae-Jin


Beyond BIO, Renew The earth


(Society) Make the Earth healthier  with green/white bio products. (Customer) Provide the best value with advanced technology. (Employee) Work with passion and joy.