For women’s urinary health, 'Yoroso'

CJ Nutra Yoroso is Korea’s first product for female urinary health recognized by the KFDA.

CJ Nutra ' Yoroso’ is the only product for women’s urinary health containing pumpkin seed extracts and other compounds, co-developed by experts (urinary & gynecology specialists) and CK.
It contains soybeans and pumpkin seeds grown in the purest regions of Switzerland.

The pyrogallol contents of pumpkin seeds and the daidzin, genistin, and glycitein contents suppress the excessive contraction of the urinary bladder to improve its urinary functions.
Human tests on compounds such as pumpkin seed extracts had reported reduced incidence of urination, reduced number of nighttime urinations, and reduction in overactive bladder, and this product has been recognized for its benefits by the KFDA.