The Healthy Fish Cake

Healthy and tasty, "The Healthy Fish Cake" is the nation’s first brand to use a non-frying method.

Let us introduce our new fish cakes, which are steamed at high temperatures and then grilled for maximum flavor, "The Healthy Fish Cake".

In August 2011, we became the first in the industry to introduce no-oil processes to make The Healthy Fish Cake. In addition to enhancing the chewy and soft taste of fish cakes using the no-oil process of steaming rather than frying in oil, it was possible to make it with 30% less fat, while also being free from the four synthetic additives [synthetic preservatives, antioxidants (L-sodium ascorbate), leavening agents (glucono-δ-lactone), and steviol glycoside] so that consumers can enjoy it while feeling at ease. Living up to its name as a master of fish cakes, Freshian safeguards the cleanliness and health of fish cakes.

  1. Don't worry about oil! "The Healthy Fish Cake" is steamed rather than fried in oil.
    It is 30% lower in fat, giving it an even better taste.
  2. Feel at ease! Free from the four synthetic additives so that your entire family can eat healthily [synthetic preservatives, antioxidants (L-sodium-ascorbate), leavening agents (glucono-δ-lactone), and steviol glycoside].
  3. Check the production date. Fish cakes are better when fresh, so we have removed all synthetic preservatives and indicate the date of production.