Original no-additive brand
The story of healthy good-taste of The Healthy Ham

CJ CheilJedang introduces The Healthy Ham that is free from four additives and filled with pure pork for health and good taste.

Before The Healthy Ham was released, refrigerated ham was popular as a side dish with rice because of its taste and ease of preparation. However, consumers, especially those with children, felt guilty when cooking, because they knew the refrigerated ham contained many additives. To alleviate the discomfort of consumers, with the goal of "making ham that we can feel comfortable feeding our children,” we used plant-based ingredients extracted from vegetables and removed the four synthetic additives [synthetic flavor, starch, preservatives (potassium sorbate), and sodium erythorbate] and used pure pork in The Healthy Ham. The Healthy Ham has firmly established its position as the top brand for ham and sausages, and satisfies consumers with healthy and delicious products that maximize the original tastes of ingredients.

  1. Three Promises of The Healthy Ham
  2. Three Promises of The Healthy Ham
    The Healthy Ham”” is the top brand for ham and sausages.
    According to LinkAztec, The Healthy Ham has the largest market share in accumulated nationwide sales in the past five years (January 2012 ~ December 2016).
  3. Eat The Healthy Ham with confidence.
    Free from the four major additives, the preservatives (potassium sorbate), The Healthy Ham ensures healthy eating for the entire family.
    [synthetic flavor, starch, preservatives (potassium sorbate), and sodium erythorbate]
  4. Please check the date of manufacture.
    To ensure fresh and great-tasting ham, we never use preservatives (potassium sorbate) and indicate the date of production.

The healthy seafood to eat with confidence
The Healthy Fish Cake

You can enjoy the delicious taste of The Healthy Fish Cake with confidence since you know exactly which type of fish is included in the fish paste.

The fish cake is a national dish that many people have loved for a long time thanks to its unique chewy texture. However, many people also have anxiety from not knowing with which fish the fish paste has been made. The Healthy Fish Cake introduced the first Real Fish Name System in Korea to solve the public concern by disclosing how which fish meat was included in the fish paste so that everyone can enjoy the delicious fish cake without worrying.
CJ CheilJedang features three new types of fish cake: Baked Fish Cake which is Korea’s first non-fried fish cake as it was baked in an oven, Cooked Fish Cake which is made with 80% fish meat without starch, and Snack Fish Cake that is new and trendy. The Fresh Fish Cake is the premium fish cake grand that eliminates worries and adds newness.

  1. Three Promises of The Healthy Fish Cake
  2. Confidence in Real Fish Name System!
    The Healthy Fish Cake discloses the types of fish meat it uses so that the consumers can eat it without worrying about the raw material.
  3. Feel at ease with no additives!
    The Healthy Fish Cake is free of the five additives including synthetic flavor so that your entire family can eat healthily.
  4. Confidence in clean fish paste!
    CJ CheilJedang manufactures The Healthy Fish Cake with the stricter standard than the law to make the clean food paste.”