Natural sweet taste to control blood sugar after meals

Why control blood sugar? Carbohydrates, which are found in rice, bread and noodles, are decomposed as glucose during digestion and then absorbed in blood to raise blood sugar levels. Normally, blood sugar levels that rise after meals soon return to normal, but metabolic disorders, irregular eating habits, lack of exercise and excessive consumption of glucose make it difficult for many people today to control their blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar can cause both short and long term health problems. Tagatose helps control blood sugar and makes substantial changes essential for a healthy life.

Does Tagatose help control blood-sugar after meals? Tagatose is a sweetener type functional ingredient that suppresses glucose absorption from foods with high amounts of glucose and carbohydrates to help adjust blood-sugar after meals. Tagatose was selected as a world-class product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

  1. Health supplement to adjust blood sugar after meals Its functions and safety were confirmed through human studies and it is an individually recognized health supplement recognized by the KFDA.
  2. Healthy sweet taste from nature Tagatose’s sweet taste is from nature, and is found in milk, cheese and apples.
  3. No worries about calories and GI (glucose index) Calories 1.5kcal/g (37.5% of that of sugar) GI index 3 (4.5% of that of sugar)

A world class product Tagatose was recognized for its excellence
when it was selected as a world class product by
the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Health supplement Uses functional ingredients declared in
product manufacturing by the KFDA and
adjusts nutrientsfor body structure and functions,
and has beneficial effects for health purposes.