Beksul Sweetree Story

Beksul Sweetree, our family's healthy choice to please your sweet tooth

It was CJ CheilJedang that started manufacturing sugar in 1953 for the first time in Korea.

Starting with sugar, CJ CheilJedang made great efforts to diversify and enrich people's dietary culture through a wide variety of food choices.

Now, with "sugar", our starting point forming a turning point, we ceaselessly strive to create healthy sweet foods that are one step more evolved . We have pursued our research with the hope to give only good things to our family, and "Beksul Sweetree" came into the world after years of hard work.

Beksul Sweetree is a premium sweetener brand that boasts of sweeteners that command both sweetness and health.

Beksul Sweetree uses "beksul", meaning white sugar glittering like snowflakes, as its main theme: we sweeten people's dietary lives without forgetting the spirit of "beksul".

"Sweetree" added to beksul means a sweet tree, aiming to become a tree that has firm and deep roots in both healthiness and sweetness.

As Korea's first life sweetner brand, which offers "healthy sweetness for families", Beksul pledges to nurture healthy roots for people's dietary lives.

우리가족 건강한 단맛습관 백설 스위트리(SWEETREE)

우리가족 건강한 단맛습관 백설 스위트리(SWEETREE)