100% Natural Sea Salt, SECRET 5000

Sea salt, the five-thousand-year mystery from the tidal lands

The mystery of Five Thousand Years comes from the long history behind the tidal flats of the West Coast

To understand the Mystery of the Five Thousand Years, we must start by understanding the history of the tidal flatss that go along the west coast. The tidal lands on the West Coast of Korea are one of the world’s 5 tidal lands that have a history of approximately five thousand years. Built over the last five thousand years, the tidal flats are home to many lives that live around the area. This tidal flat, with the help of the sea, the sun and the wind, creates the best sea salt.

Product Features

  1. Clean Sea Salt A salt produced in the heaven-blessed environment that is passed through a strict 6-stage process.
  2. Healthy Sea Salt Sea salt contains a large amount of mineral content and supplies minerals essential to the human body.
  3. Diverse Particle Sizes Sea salt comes in a diversity of particle sizes and can be used conveniently for a variety of purposes.
Naturally dried to preserve minerals, 100% Natural Sea Salt, SECRET 5000 High Quality Bay Salt (Medium particle)