Brand Introduction

CJ Real Coconut, a lifestyle oil for lighter food and natural beauty

CJ Real Coconut is a 100% real coconut oil created wholeheartedly by CJ to deliver quality products to our customers. To source reliable quality edible coconut oil that suits Koreans' taste, CJ collaborated with La tourangelle, a 150-year old French company specialized in specialty oils.

With two types of flavors, namely the coconut flavor featuring soft coconut scent and the plain flavor without without the smell of coconuts, consumers can enjoy a wider choice of flavors and scents.

CJ Real Coconut oil is a lifestyle oil that can be consumed as it is. It is a wonderful alternative to olive oil/butter for cooking, and also for various beauty purposes.

Enjoy healthy and tasty food with France origin CJ Real Coconut oil!



  • From FRANCE

    Imported from La tourangelle, a French speciality oil brand! You are assured 100% safety with this CODEX authorized coconut oil brand!

  • Beauty & Food Oil

    Cook without having to worry about Real Coconut oil staying in the body. Enjoy it in various ways: eat, drink, and apply on the skin!

  • Contains more than 45% of lauric acid, one of the breast milk components

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