The Petitzel brand is creating a new dessert culture!

Petitzel, a new-concept for a dessert, is beginning to establish a dessert culture in Korea.

Petitzel was the very first attempt in Korea at advertising a dessert product. Petizel introduced the concept of dessert to consumers in the Korean market, even though in Korea there is no dessert culture in place yet. As a result, Petizel founded a new dessert category. Petitzel is an ‘everyday dessert’ that refreshes our everyday lives.
As a compound word of ‘petit’ (small and cute in French) and ‘zel’ (jelly), Petitzel began its journey under the vision of creating a premium dessert culture giving pleasure to customers and becoming the flagship brand in the dessert category. Currently, Petitzel has positioned itself very firmly as a representative dessert brand.